Yes yes!  The 26th was MY day!  😀 😀 😀 
For those who did not know… just so you know for next year and the years beyond… my birthday happens every year on the 26th of February! 😀  I am so glad I missed the 29th by a few days… But not my brother… He has to wait every 4 years so I’m guessing he saves a lot of money on birthday gifts and parties haha! 
But anywayz, as I was saying… the day started out completely uneventful initially.  My birthday greetings had started about 2 weeks earlier for some strange reason.  I think some calendars may have given out the notification a bit earlier BUT it started that early.
So like I said, nothing major happened initially.  I kind of planned it that way.  Went for some meetings and had to put my phone on silent mode.  But the minute the meetings were over, I glanced at my phone and the Hub in just enough time to see the many missed calls and messages before both my phones went dead!  

Goodness!  The prayers, the best wishes, the messages, I only could charge the phone for a few minutes at a time before the phones went dead again.  Completely overwhelming!!!!!  

And they continued till the next day.  Which was when I discovered this absolutely amazing birthday prayer from my ex-student Daewoo, which I just had to post on the blog…  Reading a message is one thing, hearing a voice in a message is something else.  It was totally unexpected and I was really wowed by it.  
Please you all should just listen to this… 


No I did not have a party…. but I can tell you that my diet went out the window!  AND I took a forkful of food for every single prayer, call and “best wishes” I got…. well I like to think I did… judging from how stuffed I was at the end of the day.
YES it was a great day!  

To all my birthday mates out there, I know you all had a fab day like I did!

Here is a sincere prayer from me to you…. and to everyone who will definitely celebrate one for many many MANY years to come:

To all who took the time out to send me a message, God bless you!  As my friend Rable says pretty much every year, “may the best of your past be the least of your tomorrow”!
Thank you so very much to every single person who made my day!  You all are the best!  MWAH!  God bless you all!
Enjoy your weekend and have a GREAT New Month in advance!
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