Sigh..... When the hard work and sleepless nights pay off.  Nothing beats the validation of a client.

We have launched the Creative Patternmaking & Origami Online Course on the 6th of January and it was a busy holiday for us.  But with this review, it makes it all worth it!

Review - Online Fashion Course

The greatest fear a teacher has is delivering on her promise to make students understand seemingly difficult tasks! The feedback has been consistent and I am so grateful! I accept this with my whole but very humble heart! Thank you so much for your vote of validation! I am glad I delivered!  What can I say but just give thanks to God that it all paid off! 

So you heard it people! There's absolutely nothing to fear with our Online Fashion Courses.  We have different courses in Sewing & Patternmaking, Fashion Illustration, the Business of Fashion, etc. 

Online Short Course in Sewing & Patternmaking

And the next one, the Online Course in Sewing & Patternmaking, starts 1 February 2020.  

Yes!  You can learn actually learn sewing and patternmaking right from the comfort of your home and it is perfect for beginners and those who can already sew!  

And the best part is, you get 3 bonus courses!!!  So 4 courses for the price of 1!

-  Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing which costs N20,000 / $65 on its own;

-  Complete Guide to Dart Manipulation  which costs N10,000 / $32.50 on its own; and

- Clothing Design & Styling with Darts which costs N20,000 / $65 on its own.

That is a total of N50,000 / $162.50 in bonuses which you get for free! 

And that's not all!  

If you pay by 24th of January, you get an extra whopping discount of N20,000 / $65 to make a total of N70,000 in bonuses!!! And you pay only N70,000!  So in theory, you are actually paying 50% for the Course!  What a great deal!

You need to hurry though... the price goes up to N90,000 from the 25th of January and registration ends by 30th of January so we can start on 1 February! 

To know more about the course, click this link:

So which other Online Fashion Courses do we have?

Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing
fashion entrepreneurship course flyer
fashion illustration online course
Tambour Beading and Embroidery

Do you have physical classes?  

I want some face-to-face interaction.

Fashion School in Lagos

 Yes we do!  If you are in Lagos or can come to Lagos, then you can register for any of the following in-house courses:

beginners fashion course flyer
Advanced Course in fashion design
short course in sewing and patternmaking online or physical class
Creative and Fashion Illustration Course at Martwayne

Did I tell you about our collaboration with Carbon?

Get a cash loan for your fashion course

Now you don't have to let insufficient funds knock back your fashion dreams. With our collaboration with @getcarbon, you can pay for any of our physical or online fashion courses and spread the payments evenly over 3 months at an affordable interest rate. .

Take a loan of as little as N20,000 for some of our online courses such as Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing or Clothing Design & Styling with Darts or use it to balance up what you have for other courses.  Simply click on the link: to apply.

And in other news....

Our Fashion Courses are now on Udemy!!!

Fashion Course on Udemy

Guess who is now a Udemy Instructor??? Yes we have been busy!  

Now you can get some of our awesome Martwayne Courses easily on the Udemy Platform. Register wherever you are in the world!  Safe secure platform and you can get them at discounted rates as well.

Complete Guide to Dart Manipulation
Clothing Design and styling with darts

Yes!  So 2020 started off great for us!  I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead!  I will put the links to each of the courses below so you can read up and finally move that move you always wanted to make.  Now is the best time to live your dreams and become a fashion designer!

Here I am wishing you a very fantastic and productive year!  Looking forward to seeing you online or offline!


Online Courses

Short Course in Sewing & Patternmaking 

Fashion Entrepreneurship Course

Creative & Fashion Illustration Course

Tambour Beading & Embroidery

Creative Patternmaking & Origami Online Course

Complete Guide to Dart Manipulation

- a Udemy Course

Clothing Design & Styling with Darts

- a Udemy Course

Physical Courses

Foundation Course in Fashion Design

for Beginners

Advanced Course in Fashion Design

Short Course in Sewing & Patternmaking - In-House Course

Creative & Fashion Illustration Course

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