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You need to promote your business on Google so your customers can find you with ease.

Business promotion is any communication that attempts to influence people to buy products or services. An entrepreneur’s goal after a target market is identified is how to take the products to them. The way(s) this goal is accomplished is referred to as business promotion.

All businesses need a way to promote their products to create some form of visibility. However, not all businesses need the same kinds or level of promotion. Some businesses might just need word of mouth, a sign-post. For instance, a roadside food vendor. on the other hand, some businesses might need to invest more in a digital presence, billboards, etc.

Having said that, certain business promotions are essential for the growth and development of your business irrespective of your location. Below are five ways to promote your business consistently.

1.Highlight your Benefits and Features

There is a difference between the benefits and the features of your products. You need to clearly state them. The uniqueness of your product could be one of its features and that will set you apart from other business owners. The features of your product are its characteristics, what it is and what it can do. On the other hand, the benefits are the results or the experience your customer will have. The benefits are what will make them buy from you rather than from your competitors.

For example, you can design a dress with a detachable sleeve that can be styled in three ways. The features here will be the design details of the dress while the benefit you offer includes; Multiple styling options and spending less money since one outfit can give different styles.

 2. Optimize Your Website

An optimized website is essential for consistent Business promotion. People need to know you exist for them to patronize you. Hence, an effective way to put yourself in their faces is by having an optimized website irrespective of your location. Your business location is not a barrier.

Check out The Best Five ways to Improve Traffic on Your New Website for more details on website optimization.

 3. List  On Google My Business

With a Google My Business account, you can get your business listed, give your customers more ways to reach you, specify your location on the map, engage with your customers, as a result,  promote your business consistently. Google has made it easier for consumers to get results tailored to their location and needs.

 4.Start a Blog

People want to read compelling and relevant content on the subject or an industry that interests them. As a result, an optimized blog will enable people to visit your website and in return, makes your business rank more on Google.  However, your blog should keep people engaged, have images, links, embedded videos and be mobile responsive. Most importantly, it should have relevant contents.

 5.Use Your Social Media Effectively

In simple terms, you can drive traffic to your website via your social media platforms. Through these platforms, you can share your content add links and share to as many people as possible. it can also be reshared by more people. Your social media posts also need to be optimized with relevant keywords to boost your visibility.

In conclusion, to grow a profitable business, you need customers and need to put yourself out there, leverage the free and affordable tools/resources available the and be promote your business consistently.

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3 word of mouth marketing strategies to grow your business

3 word of mouth marketing strategies to grow your business

3 word of mouth marketing strategies to grow your business

Word of mouth marketing entails not just getting customers to talk about your brand, but also turning them into brand evangelists.⠀⠀
Furthermore, word of mouth marketing will also help your business with free advertising, grow at a much faster rate, boost your sales and increase brand loyalty.⠀If you’re interested in exploring word of mouth marketing, here are three strategies you can implement;⠀⠀
1. Invest in customer experience⠀
Word of mouth marketing tactics is powered by customer recommendations. The best way to get these recommendations is by giving them an experience worth talking about. Talk to your customers, listen to their concerns, answer their questions promptly, and you could turn even skeptics into brand advocates.⠀⠀
2. Reward loyalty⠀⠀
One of the most effective word of mouth marketing strategy is rewarding loyal customers. You could give your customers special offers or exclusive content that would make them feel special. Capitalize on their loyaltyby making them want to share their great experiences with friends and family.⠀⠀
3. Get user-Generated Content⠀
As your business grows, customers will start creating & sharing content about your business. It could be an Instagram post of them wearing an outfit you made, or a blog post on their website where they rave about your products.⠀⠀
You can take simple steps to encourage them to create those content by posting the user generated content on your page and offering incentives to those that create .⠀⠀
Got any more great word of mouth marketing strategies? Don’t be shy! Share them in the comments section below.⠀⠀
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