Hello Everyone!!!  Welcome to undoubtedly the BEST month in the year… for obvious reasons! 😀

And thank you to all the feedback I received from potential students.  Based on your feedback, I have included tabs on the right side of the page (just below the Martwayne logo) with more detailed information on the Training Center and the Courses we run.  Actually I just pretty much copied and pasted from previous posts but nonetheless, it  should be easier to retrieve the information you require now.

Great!  Since it has been a while since I have updated the blog on work-related activities, I thought it would be great to share details of the NYSC-SAED Competition I was invited to as a judge about 2 weeks ago!  😀

So as I mentioned in previous posts, I am a SAED trainer and I focus on the Entrepreneurship part of fashion.  So I got a call and a letter inviting me to be a judge on a competition between 4 zones in the Lagos SAED Chapter.

Spearheaded by SAED and sponsored by Unilever, Corps Members in each of the zones had to come up with a look put together using 4 different skills – An Outfit, Matching Jewellery, A Bag & A Pair of Shoes – which had to be presented on a model.

They had 4 hours to complete the project and they started right there and then.

It was pretty interesting watching them work… I was particularly captivated by a lady who was on her knees spreading glue on cardboard.  I had no clue what she was doing until I saw the finished work – the bag!  And her counterpart, the cobbler, made the matching shoes.  I thought it was pretty cool!

So anywayz, here are the pictures…  Not sure I can post too many before I start having problems with Blogger again…

Hard at work:

The prizes for the winners and their teachers… (including a cash prize of N25,000)

The finished work.  Sadly, only 3 of the 4 zones completed the tasks:

Zone A:

Zone B:

Here’s a close-up of the necklace…
Zone D:

They were scored based on their originality, neatness and cohesiveness of the pieces…



and the Chief Judge, our very own Prince Oyefusi of Nobel Afrique, had the honour of announcing the winner (which by the way was a unanimous decision…) – ZONE D from Ikeja.  

The audience was not pleased at all… They all expected Zone C (Surulere) to win but we looked out for more things other than the visual appeal of the finished look.

So to calm tempers, he gave the designer from Zone C a one-month scholarship in his Fashion School worth N150,000 and the guy who made the bag a retail space in his store.

I must say the day went pretty well (well clearly since we were fed with some DE-LISH catfish pepper soup from the NYSC fish pond and small chops [which I really should not have eaten but which I pounced on anyway :-D].

But most of all, I was really tripped that the Corps Members could complete their work in such a short time.  It was a great day.  🙂

Here is more work from other Corps Members:

…and the Assistant Director of SAED, Mrs Rachael Idaewor, the Coordinator of the Competition:

I must confess that the NYSC & SAED are doing a whole lot to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the graduates in this economy where unemployment is through the roof.  Nothing better than working with your hands and making money from it.  So people, do encourage a SAED Corper by purchasing their items when you come across them.  I know I bought a few cakes at the event from a young lady who approached me.

Great!  So that’s just one of the many things I did this month…. well at least one of the activities I took pictures of.  Will remember to take pictures of other events and the Courses like I used to.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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