Learn Childrenswear at Martwayne. Start Date: 12 September 2017

Learn Childrenswear at Martwayne. Start Date: 12 September 2017

Yes yes!  Here’s introducing yet another brand spanking new Course at Martwayne. Our Short Course in Childrenswear!  And why childrenswear?!  Well…. we have had requests from people who are only interested in starting a clothing line for young children.  Of course we know there is a HUGE market out there for childrenswear.  Why?!  Because new babies are born, young children grow bigger with age (unlike me and a lot of ladies out there who can still fit into clothes they had 15 years ago! lol) and of course with an increase in age comes a new wardrobe.  So we thought to ourselves, why force students to go through our ladieswear Course when they can simply focus on the area they are most interested in!  And voila!  Our Childrenswear Course was born! 😀

So how does the Course run you ask?!  It’s pretty simple…

Well first, you must be able to sew to attend this Course.  If you cannot sew, you must complete the Beginners Course first before you can start this one.  Once you are done with the Beginners Course (this lasts for 4 weeks, 3 days a week), you can move on to the Childrenswear Course instead of the Bodices and Dressmaking Course.

SO!  The flyer states it all but I will still give a breakdown of how the Course will run.


The Course is in 2 parts. As always, we prefer to split the Course so people can plan their time and their finances, especially those coming from outside Lagos.  It will run for 3 days a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.  If you are coming from outside Lagos, we will run 3 consecutive days for you i.e. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays so you can leave on Thursday to head back home.

Each part will last for 8 weeks BUT as always, if you are a fast learner, you can be done in less time.  You do have a daily calendar and once you grasp the concepts, you can be done with what you have to do for even 2 days in 1 day.  All depends on how fast you learn.  BUT the maximum time you can complete each part is 8 weeks.

We also have a Saturday only option for full time workers with a busy schedule during the week.  Of course you will be with us for much longer because you come to class once a week but as always, you can also be done in less time.

OH… just in case you were wondering… all our sewing courses include pattern making! 😀


We modelled the fees exactly as our Bodices and Dressmaking Course.

If you can already sew:

Part 1 is a total of N85,000 (Fees are N65,000; Your Toolkit is N10,000 and there is an extra N10,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course).

Part 2 is N70,000.

Complete Beginners:

The Beginners Course (as always) is a total of N80,000 (Fees are N60,000, Your Toolkit is N10,000 and there is an extra N10,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course).

Part 1 of the Childrenswear Course will also be N60,000 while Part 2 will be N70,000.

How to Register:

Registration as always is easy!  Payment of the fees by cash or online transfer into the following account secures your seat on the Course:

“Martwayne Limited”, 023 710 3843, GTBank

Please note that you need to register early before the start date so we can buy your tools and materials.

All classes will take place at The Martwayne Training Center, Surulere, Lagos.

For more details, please contact us on:

Tel: 0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877
WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry: D8E9802C
Instagram: @martwayne
E-Mail: twilliams@martwayne.com

Yes yes!  We have an active Instagram account and people do reach out to us on Instagram as well.  Plus we have some interesting conversations on Instagram so do follow us!

Great!  We look forward to you joining us and helming you on your journey to start your ready to wear line!  Do tell everyone to tell everyone!

Muchos gracias!
Martwayne partners with Access Bank on our popular sewing class for kids on holidays – the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 9-16)

Martwayne partners with Access Bank on our popular sewing class for kids on holidays – the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 9-16)

Yaye!!!!!!  Hello good people 😀  And in an exciting twist, we just sealed our collaboration with Access Bank to run the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 9-16) this year!!!  Whoop!  Whoop!

So yes!  This year, our young fashionistas will not only learn about fashion and how to sew, they will also learn about financial management and the value of money in fun games facilitated by the Children’s Banking Unit of Access Bank!  I can tell you it will be really exciting.  I tell you, even we the adults need these lessons.  And there is no better time to train our leaders of tomorrow about the value of money and hard work than today! 

Okies!  So let me quickly tell you about the Course!

So the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors is for young children ages 9-16 (though if your child is 8, we can also accommodate them).  If your child loves fashion and you can already see in them that they have a talent, now is the time to help them nurture their inner creativity and develop budding entrepreneurs for the future!  Fashion is fun and children love to be able to create things.  So why not send them over to us during the long holidays so you don’t have to worry about them being bored at home doing nothing!

If you have been following this blog, I am sure you must have seen this picture in the past!  This was definitely one of my proudest moments as a teacher.  It is always fulfilling teaching complete beginners how to develop their skills from scratch but even more fulfilling when an 11 year old does this for you!  All from scratch!  From measurements, to patterns, and to the final garment which you can clearly tell that I thoroughly loved!  AND I still rock this skirt till today!

And she was not the only one!  Last, one of our participants last year, also created this for her mom who wore it to work and also embellished some tops for herself and her baby sister.  You can tell she is a very proud mother from her Instagram post!  

So the kids do learn a lot and also have a lot of fun in the process.  Too much fun!

Okay so what will they learn you ask?

–  They will learn about fashion and what it means to them;
–  They will learn about colours;
–  They will learn basic beading and hand embroidery;
–  They will learn how to take the measurements of the outfits they will create;
–  They will learn how to create the patterns from scratch from the measurements they took;
–  They will learn how to handle a sewing machine;
–  They will sew the outfit themselves, including zips, hems, etc
–  AND the grand finale will be for them to recreate the same things for their parents!

ALL in a completely supervised environment!

Don’t believe me?!  Just check out this picture…

To get a full picture of what the Course entails, click on this link to watch me talking about the Course live on Facebook and 98.9 Kiss FM Lagos a few weeks ago.  You can either click on the link below or the video itself.

Parents, not to worry, if your child attended the class last year, we will make something different this year.  For parents asking me about their boys, not to worry as well.  Send them over and we will teach them how to make something they will find really useful as well so have no fear! 😀

The fees for the Course are N55,000 which includes their sewing kit as well and other things they need for the Course.  This will also get registered as members of the Early Savers Club for free (subject to the parent’s consent of course) championed by Access Bank!  

And what is the Early Savers Club?  I took this directly from their website:

“To help today’s children avoid a future of financial worries, it is important that they are taught money management early in life. The Early Savers Club is a financial literacy club for children in schools, faith based organizations and other suitable clusters for children. The objective of the club is to teach children about money, importance of savings, spending smart, planning for the future and the value of giving in a fun and interactive way.”

So parents… really you have nothing to lose these holidays!  It starts on the 1st of August, 2017 and runs throughout the month!  Classes are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 2pm.  Registration is on!  

To register, simply pay the fees by cash or online transfer into the following account: 

“Martwayne Limited” , 073 624 8860 , Access Bank

Please feel free to visit us before the day to check out the environment to be sure we are genuine and I can guarantee you we are as you can see from the pictures.

You can check out some videos from our previous classes by clicking on these links:

Okies!  That’s about it!  So register your children early!!!  It starts in about 2 weeks.  You cannot register on the day because we will have no materials for them.  Please please please register them early.  Please do not procrastinate!  Let’s make this a fun one for the kids these holidays.  The more the merrier!  Keep them engaged over the long summer holidays and you will be glad you did!

If you have questions, please contact us on 0818 395 8856, 0903 498 5877; WhatsApp: 0809 787 075; Blackberry: D8E9802C or email: twilliams@martwayne.com.

I’ll leave you with this picture which always makes my day whenever I look at it!  😀

Have a great week!

Pattern Making & Grading with Computer Aided Design Course starts 13 June 2017.  Registration has started!!!!!

Pattern Making & Grading with Computer Aided Design Course starts 13 June 2017. Registration has started!!!!!

And YET another brand spanking new course from us at Martwayne!  Yes – this Course I tell you is off the hook!  Are you thinking of starting your own ready to wear line in standard sizes?!  Well it’s time to ditch the manual techniques and go digital with our brand new Course – the Pattern Drafting & Grading with Computer-Aided Design!  Just think about it!  Cut your production process in half by digitizing your patterns and save yourself the time and energy by cutting out the manual grading and going digital with a computer software!  You can easily create several sizes just from one pattern just from a few strokes on your laptop!  I tell you this is the new ISH and I am so excited about it!   

Let me tell you all about the Course…

Ok so you know the best ideas stem from some form of frustration right?!  Well I can tell you, we got to that stage with the production center.  After creating the pattern, Round 2 of the stress comes from  grading the patterns, i.e. increasing or reducing the sizes manually.  And we thought, if we are facing this problem, other designers must be facing it as well!  And I tell you, creating patterns on a laptop is so much fun!  Cuts out all the standing and paper and all.  And if you make a mistake, simply delete that line!  

But of course, we cannot totally rule out manual pattern making.  Some of us are still old school BUT the best part is, you can digitize your manual patterns and do whatever you want to do to them. And this course teaches you just that!  Headache solved from all angles!

Or just imagine creating an awesome design and someone wants one.  Why start from scratch?!  Simply digitize the pattern and customize it to that person’s 

So How will It Run?!

The Course is in 2 parts:

Part 1: Pattern Drafting; and
Part 2: Pattern Grading

The Part 2 includes both manual grading and digital grading!  We split it so participants who want to learn just the manual grading bit can also join us.

What Will You Learn?  

Well for one I can tell you it will be a packed course.  You will learn how to use the software environment, how to draft your blocks using the software, how to digitize patterns, dart manipulation, panels, gathers, pleats, etc and of course grading!  And that really is me just giving you a snapshot.  Trust me, anyone who registers for our courses can confirm they are packed with information overload!  But please note that this Course is only open to those with a prior knowledge of pattern making and it is not a sewing class.

When Will it Begin?

Tuesday 13 June 2017 and will run on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10am – 2pm.

Weekend students, not to worry, we promise to come up with a weekend option right after this one so please be patient with us.

Duration & Course Fees:

Pattern Drafting: 5 weeks; N80, 000 
Pattern Grading: additional 3 weeks; additional N40, 000

If you want to learn the manual grading only, this will be N50, 000 and will last 2 weeks.

If you want to register for Part 2 only (both the manual and digital grading), that will be N60,000.

All fees include the training materials but you need your laptop!

Benefits of the Course:

Well for one, everyone needs a pattern maker!  A perfect pattern begets a perfect outfit! So really with this Course, you can easily create a 2nd income for yourself.

And the best part is, going digital opens you up to a global market since customers can outsource their patterns to you to either create from scratch or grade them.  You can simply mail the finished result to them without having to bother about mailing pieces of pattern paper and worrying about courier costs.  

I can tell you that so far, with the factory we set up, communicating and getting the required technical drawings has been a breeze.  All the work is done electronically so makes life easier for everyone.

So trust me when I say, going digital is really the way to go!

How to Register:

As always, registration is as easy as pie!  Simply pay the fees in cash or via online transfer into our GTBank account, Martwayne Limited at any Zenith Bank branch.

Classes will take place at our Training Center in Surulere, off Alhaji Masha Roundabout.

Please feel free to visit us before registering for the Course.

For more details please contact us through any of the following means:

Telephone:  0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877
WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry:  D8E9802C
E-Mail: twilliams@martwayne.com

We look forward to having you over!  Please tell everyone you know who needs this Course.

PS.  Don’t forget about the Corsetry Course also coming up this June.  Click here for details.
Corsetry Course, Weekend Option comes up 10 June 2017.  Register now!

Corsetry Course, Weekend Option comes up 10 June 2017. Register now!

So we had a great class when we launched our Corsetry Course in March.  You have seen the pictures already but just in case… here they are:

Yes!  You know a well-built corset when it stays on its own without any support!  😀

Well… weekend students, which are of course our busy professionals and others who work during the week, were not happy they could not attend the class so this time, so of course we had to make a weekend option available! SO!  Weekend students, this one is just for you! 😀

It’s the same great course and the same content!  Learn how to build your own corsets from scratch!  And this course is perfect for bridal wear designers and those who want to start their own waist cinching businesses!  Yes!  Why buy one in the market when you can easily create yours and sell to your customers!  In fact you can even create corsets for sale in a ready to wear line as an accessory in the form of a waist corset!  The possibilities are endless really!!  And it costs next to nothing!

Fees are only N50,000 and this includes your toolkit!  Classes are on Saturdays only from 10am to 4pm for 6 weeks.  To be honest, you can be done in a shorter period of time but we are giving enough time for those who may not be so familiar with pattern making.

The Course includes learning how to make 2 types of corsets: the paneled corset and the corset with a cup – AND also includes lace moulding!  

To register is easy!  Simply pay the fees in cash or online transfer into our GTBank account,  “Martwayne Limited”, 023 710 3843 and you are good to go!  Just show up on the day! Easy peasy!

For more details, please contact us on 0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877; via WhatsApp on 0809 787 6075, via Blackberry on D8E9802C or via e-mail: twilliams@martwayne.com


Please note that you have to be able to sew to attend this class.  Complete beginners have to attend our Beginners Course first to learn how to sew before they can attend this class!  Current Martwayne students need not apply as this is already part of your Bodices 3 course.  Except you want to to register for this now and get the fees deducted from Part 3 when it’s time. Let us know so we can make a plan.

Great!  That’s it!  We look forward to having you!  Tell others as well and let’s make this Stream a really fun one!

Have a great week!
Happy New Year in advance everyone!!!!!

Happy New Year in advance everyone!!!!!


Yes and we are counting down to 2016!  Excited.com! 😀 😀 😀

2015 was a great year!  It was our Year of growth and I tell you God has been GREAT!  Oh I will definitely give you a review of our 2015 later.  

But for now, here I am thankful you are here reading this.  I will see you all in 2016 by God’s grace!

Happy New Year in advance!!! 😀

BN Article 3: 5 Myths About Starting a Fashion Business

BN Article 3: 5 Myths About Starting a Fashion Business

Screenshot from http://www.bellanaija.com/2015/07/24/tope-williams-adewunmi-5-myths-about-starting-a-fashion-business/
Good morning good people!!!!!  I am sure you had a GREAT weekend!  I did…even attended a wedding yesterday despite being a bit under the weather.  Y’all know how we Lagos people like to par-ty!!! Will share some pictures at the end of the post 😀
Anywayz, I am starting this week on a good note!  Realised I had not posted my last BN Article up here so I decided to do this first thing this morning before my day gets all hectic on me!  

A few years ago, I wrote about certain myths people had about starting a fashion business.  That was more targeted towards people who felt running a fashion business was more about the glitz and glamour.  Here is the link to that post:
But lately, I had started hearing about certain mindsets people had based on their fears which was preventing them from starting off and I felt the need to address those.  Please note that these myths I have written below by no means suggests that starting a fashion business is a joke.  The knowledge is still key if you want to succeed.  That is what I always preach – you need a thorough knowledge to guide your production team!  
I have, however, stated these so you understand that you should not be limited by these fears and should make a move no matter how little and then get the knowledge or partner with people in the areas where you are lacking.
Here is the Bella Naija article:
5 Myths About Starting a Fashion Business
Or perhaps I should call them “myths” or misconceptions.  I have heard all sorts of reasons from people on why they are a bit hesitant about starting their fashion business.  Some even feel they will crash even before their businesses take off, based on assumptions they have made or discussions they have had with people.  The following are just a few examples of real concerns people have expressed to me in the past and here I am debunking some of these myths and allaying these fears.
1.  You Must Be Able to Sew to be a Successful Fashion Designer
This is always top of the list. The general idea around here is that to be taken seriously as a fashion designer you must be able to sew, you must run a production unit, you must sew for people, you must sew the clothes yourself, you must feature in fashion show… and the list goes on and on! NO YOU DO NOT!
Fashion Designers develop the concept and put a team together to bring their creative ideas to reality! They do not have to physically sew or even have a production unit! I remember Folake Folarin-Coker of Tiffany Amber disclosing at a seminar a while back that she cannot sew. But does she have a successful label?! Yes she sure does!
So please don’t listen to anyone who tells you this. It is just the mindset around here. Being able to sew does not guarantee that you will run a successful fashion business. Same way being able to sketch fabulous designs does not guarantee that as well. There are soooo many other things involved in running a fashion business and sewing is just an aspect of it. If you choose to learn, that’s great! The knowledge is useful to understand the process and guide your production team.
2.  You Must Be a “Fashionista” To Be A Good Designer
I heard this recently from a lady who had concerns about starting off. She did not think she would be a good designer since she did not consider herself to be a “fashionista” …whatever that means. Apparently a good designer must be dressed to the hilt all the time in the latest trends and fashions OR must dress a certain way with some crazy hair and the most outrageous clothes. If anyone told you that, that’s bull!
Designing great clothes doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Ever noticed what fashion designers wear when taking a bow on the runway?! Many are dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans…obviously because many of them are too busy even to think! Yes, you have to dress well to gain the confidence of your customer but you don’t have to be in the latest clothes or dress all crazy to prove a point. Your product will speak for you.
That said, if you choose to be a fashionista, that’s great! But if you are a simple person by nature, that should not deter you from becoming a fashion designer. After all, Alexander Mcqueen looked like a simple person and dressed in a simple manner but we all know how amazing he was as a designer.
3.  You Must Be “Creative” to Run a Fashion Business
HA! Someone who was about to take the plunge a while back spoke to me about this particular fear. She was worried she might not do well because she did not consider herself a creative person… neither could she draw very well… and her designs were very simple. I told her not to even give it a second thought.
To me, creativity is relative and everyone has their own design philosophy.  As far as I am concerned everyone has some form of creative ability. As long as you can put pencil to paper or explain what you want to your tailor and she churns it out, then you have what it takes.  I know people only tend to consider those who design “never before seen, over-the-top” high fashion clothing as fashion designers. But guess what?  Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe and a t-shirt and those were created by designers! And they are making a lot of money from it as well!
Besides, if you feel you are not creative, you can either learn how to be creative or hire someone to be creative for you. There are illustrators out there who can work with you to build on your seemingly “simple” ideas.  That is why fashion companies have design teams. The burden should not only be on the owner to churn out the designs, market the designs, search for customers, buy the fabric, deliver to the customer…and all the other tasks we take up over here. There is a whole lot more to a successful fashion business that being creative and being able to draw. You are now an entrepreneur so you need to step into those shoes. Don’t consume yourself with only the creative sides of running a fashion business.
4.  You Must Mingle with the “Right” People
I know for many people, the typical definitions of the “right” people are the celebrities and socialites. I have heard that a lot! Well… if that is your target market, then by all means, please go for it! But it is not mandatory you mix with them if you do not plan to design for them. If your target market is the average Joe, then please those are the “right” people for you. Concern yourself with trying to find these people.
PLUS! I notice many also focus on just making the money and often neglect to watch their costs. The “right people” must include the fabric suppliers, those who supply and fix our machines, those who provide our zips, etc. These are the people who can make or break our businesses. Why pay N10,000 for a yard of fabric when you can pay N4,500 for the exact same fabric? And no matter how good you are as a designer, if the zips you use keep breaking, then your reputation can go down the drain at the snap of your fingers. So please, concern yourself with not only increasing sales but also reducing your costs!
5.  You Need a Lot of Money to Start Your Fashion Business!
NOT TRUE! It all depends on the type of fashion business you want to run.  Besides, when you ask those dishing out advice why they feel you need a lot of money, they often focus on stuff like PR, getting a fab website, coming up with fancy logos and business cards….and all what not. If you do not have a lot of money to start off, then start small!  
A fashion business is, in fact, one of the easiest to start off with zero naira!   All you have to do is be the middleman between your customer and your tailor. Sketch your designs, take a deposit from the customer (which should be way more than your costs of production), get a tailor to churn out the clothes, deliver it to the customer and get your balance. It is as simple as that!
Well to be honest, we know it’s not thaaaat simple… but it’s not that difficult when you have a process in place.  I bet many are already doing this.  All you need to do is continue and save up till you have the funds to start your own production unit.  So really, lack of funds should not be a deterrent.  I can safely tell you that as long as there are weddings…and there always will be weddings…, or birthdays and even funerals, you will be in business!
Great!  These are just some of the ones I have heard. What else have they told you that is giving you cold feet about starting off?! Share these myths with us and let’s discuss them.  Or better still… tell us which advice or myth you ignored and how ignoring it was the best decision you ever made!
That’s it!  Hope this helped!  Have a great week everyone!
And remember to appreciate your fashion designer today! That’s my theme for this week!  I think we are not appreciated enough for the work we do and I thought to make it my first Instagram post for the day.  Handle is @martwayne.
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