Learn Textile Design (Manual & Digital using CAD) @ Martwayne in our brand spanking new Short Course in  Textile Design.

Learn Textile Design (Manual & Digital using CAD) @ Martwayne in our brand spanking new Short Course in Textile Design.

Yes!  Our 2nd Creative Course this February!  And I am sooooo excited about it and truth be told, We have been planning this for A WHILE!  This will definitely set you apart from every other designer!  It doesn’t get much better than this right?!  We all know what the constraints in our local market is in terms of fabrics and prints so why get stuck using the limited fabrics in the local market when you can simply create your own prints!  And I tell you, this is a RICH curriculum, it would be really really sad if you let this opportunity pass you by!  

I remember a while back a student was getting ready for an exhibition and had a particular fabric in mind but could not find the print she wanted to go with her concept.  So we hooked her up with someone who helped her create the exact prints she wanted – PLUS if she had any left over, she could easily have sold it at the same exhibition killing 2 birds with one stone!  Imagine creating your own prints and being able to use it for your collection and better still, sell what is left over!  That is a pretty cool way of making extra income!  And that is why I LOVE the fashion industry!  There are so many ways to establish new careers and set yourself apart from the rest!  And that this what this Course is about! 😀

What will you learn?!

Well… the flyer says it all but I can tell you the curriculum is even more packed!  

You will learn about fabrics, how to identify them, how the local fabric market affects you as a designer, what they are used for, how to differentiate between different kinds of fibers and textiles and its suitability for your designs, fabric swatch books, embroidery, beading weaving, appliqué, fabric painting, stencilling, etc and this is just a snapshot of what you will learn.  Those who really want to go into detail can include the Digital Textile design class and I tell you, that is really the ISH!

Duration & Course Fees:

Well to make it really easy for people, we decided to split the Course into 2 parts:

Part 1: Manual Textile Design
Part 2:  Digital Textile Design

Part 1 will last 6 weeks and classes are on Tuesdays and Thursday from 10am – 1pm.  The fees are N80,000 and this includes a standard toolkit you will use for the Course.  

Part 2 is an additional 3 weeks after the Manual Class has been completed for those who want to go into digital textile design.  The fees are an additional N50,000 for those who choose to do both.  Classes are also on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 1pm and will commence after the manual design class.

We also now have a weekend option available for busy professionals.  The full course will last 9 weeks; Saturdays only from 10am – 4pm with 2 sessions a day!  We will keep you posted on the start date for this option.

Please note that you will need your tab for this portion of the Course. If you do not have one, you can order a digital tablet from us which you will connect to a laptop. You can budget an additional N30,000 – N35,000 for the digital tablet as we will only know the costs at the point of order.

If you use a Windows 10, please let us know before you register.

Classes begin on 28 February 2017.

How to Register:

Very easy!  Simply pay the Course Fees by cash or bank transfer into the following account to secure your seat on the Course:

“Martwayne Limited”, 023 710 3843 at any GTBank branch 

Please contact us when the transfer has been done so we can get your materials ready before the day.  Our contact details are:

Telephone (Office Hours):  + 234 818 395 8856   |  + 234 903 498 5877 

WhatsApp: +234 809 787 6075  |  Blackberry Pin: D60D886F

E-Mail:   info@martwayne.com  |  twilliams@martwayne.com

If you want to visit us ahead of time to be sure we are genuine, please contact us as well.  We would love to have you over.  

Great!  Don’t forget to follow us on social media at the following handles:

– Instagram: @martwayne
– Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Google + : @martwaynedotcom 

We look forward to you joining us!
Do you need a job?!  Then grab this opportunity to start a career in clothing manufacturing / the fashion industry!

Do you need a job?! Then grab this opportunity to start a career in clothing manufacturing / the fashion industry!

Hello good people!!! It has been a VERY BUSY start to the year!!!  Yes we started off our Beginners Course on Monday for the weekday option.  The weekend option starts on Saturday at 2pm.  The Bodices & Dressmaking Course kicked off today, though more people will be joining us next week so you can still register.  And we are working on one or two more Courses coming up for which I have received a request.  So yes it has been busy!

BUT this is a project I have been on for years now (since 2012 to be precise) though I never actually publicized it since I wanted to kind of test the concept first before going into it full time.  We have been all over trying to search for machinists to place with fashion designers.  I’m sure some of you may have heard me say a few times about going into the middle of Lagos Island to find people who could sew but did not have jobs so we could get them jobs with fashion designers.  And over the months, we have placed tailors who have reached out to us with designers who needed them.  

Has it been a breeze?!  Of course not!  After testing them in-house, there were a lot of issues BOTH with the designers and the machinists themselves.  I’m sure you must have remembered my posts “A Passionate Plea to Fashion Designers” Part 1 & Part 2 .  You can click on the links to read them and gosh it has NOT been easy!

Yes we have faced a lot of issues and we realized we needed to change our strategy if we really want this to work.


So we know there are many people out there who need jobs – especially the underserved in the society.  Those with little or no education who deserve a break in life.  This really goes out to them because we want to give them an opportunity to earn an income to take care of themselves and their families.  I know chances are many of them probably won’t see this post but I am guessing you may know one or two people who fit this bill and who you can vouch for to a certain extent.  These are the people we need.  We are hoping to make an impact and reduce the unemployment level around here – what you would call social entrepreneurship.

Here is what I posted on our Instagram Page.  The flyer pretty much says everything but I’ll just add the instagram post as well just in case.

Calling out to NGOs who have wards and the underserved in the community who need to earn a living to take care of themselves and their families. 

This is a project we’ve been working on in order to bridge the gap and help the unemployed earn an income. If you know anyone who fits the criteria in the flyer, please get them to contact us!

Please note that this initiative is targeted at those who want TO WORK in clothing production and EARN AN INCOME not start a fashion business. So if you know anyone willing to become a machinist, commonly called “joiner”, please get them to contact us.

Requirements?! Willing to learn and hardworking, CANNOT sew (this is vital), must be able to read and speak basic English (so anyone with a secondary school education is welcome to apply), must be honest and dependable, must have a guarantor and MUST be between the ages of 18 and 30. 

There will be interviews, tests and exams and only those who pass will move on to the job recruitment stage. Please contact us on the numbers in the flyers if you know anyone who fits the bill. 

Many thanks!

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Yes this is it!  We want to train them from scratch so they can work on production lines and with fashion designers.  If you know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone, please refer them to us.  I am sure everyone will be really happy our young ones are fully engaged so they don’t get into the wrong hands.

I say this again – this is NOT for you if you want to become a fashion designer.  This is for those who want to work for fashion designers.  We are searching for complete novices.  BUT if you can sew, you can also contact us if you are searching for a job and we can place you with a designer.  Just contact us through any of the means below:

Tel: 0814 708 0041 |  WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075 ; 0809 079 8909 

E-Mail: dcnetwork@martwayne.com | virgomandy308@yahoo.com

Thank you so much as you lend a helping hand and God bless you for your efforts (no emotional blackmail intended whatsoever).

Please feel free to forward, repost, share, tag and spread this flyer far and wide across your social media platforms.

Muchos gracias!  
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