4 Changes You Need to Make To Make To Increase Profitability In our Business

There is no doubt that creating and increasing the profitability of your business can be challenging at times. Even when you dedicate full-time effort. Sometimes you get to a point where you are making no progress at all.

 But the honest truth is that if you want things to change, you have to make changes, according to Tope Williams Adewunmi, Fashion Professional and Founder of Martwayne, a Training and Consulting Outfit that helps Individuals and business owners turn their passion to profit and a viable business.

Here Are Some Changes You Need To Make In Your Business To Increase Profitability


The starting point of many great businesses started from having an idea and backing it up with appropriate actions. Too many entrepreneurs set out plans on how to start and manage their business, marketing strategies and even plan the funding. Sadly, some get overwhelmed with the planning or able to see the end results but fizzle out without even making a move towards this goal.

It is one thing to be aware of the changes you need to increase profitability in your business, it is another thing to act on it. So how exactly do you avoid fizzing out? It’s quite simple! 

Just do it! Yeah, don’t overthink it. Do the necessary research, map out your steps, break them into milestones and take it one step at a time. The first step usually seems like the hardest, once you make the move, you begin to have a sense of fulfillment, at this point your “Why” becomes your motivation. 


Even experienced entrepreneurs do not relent in acquiring knowledge. They keep learning so as to evolve and make more profits. To make more profit, you need to learn more. Technology is advancing every day, new innovations and techniques are developed. The only way to stay abreast is to be curious enough to want to learn more. 

Never be satisfied with the little profits you have and think yes you are successful. As they say, learning is a never-ending journey. From cradle to grave, we are in a continuous cycle of learning new things. 

Read books on topics you need to improve on, business updates, even stories of other business professionals and stand on the shoulders of the giants. Hence, you won’t have to make the same mistakes they have made.

Aside from enrolling in a course to acquire some knowledge, you can also attend Seminars, Conferences which puts you with people of like -minds. Consequently, you are able to make new connections and networks. More connections more chances of getting more business opportunities ,as a result, increase your profit.


Trust me, if you are in the habit of looking away from updates outside of your niche, then you will need to make a change now!

Inasmuch as Marketing is perhaps the most important activity in a business , as an entrepreneur, you need to understand your industry. Not just your own niche but the industry as a whole so you will know the disruptions happening and how they impact the industry. As a result, you will be able to make informed decisions. 

For instance, the advent of Covid-19 led to numerous changes in different industries , ranging from the education sector, to Fashion Industry, Finance , Food Industry. Some business owners were smart enough to do their research , understand the changes and tapped into the available solutions.

 Fashion brands had to release diffusion lines to sell clothes suitable for staying and working from home.

Some top brands switched to the manufacture of nose masks and scrubs. All these changes were possible because they decided to stay abreast ,understand what was happening and adapted quickly!


There is no doubt that marketing has a direct effect on changing the profitability in your business and it should be taken seriously. Having a well optimized website, an active social media presence, an effective sales team etc.

Irrespective of the size of your business, you should invest in marketing . People need to know you exist for them to patronize you. You need to be creative with how you reach and manage your target audience . This article will help you understand how to improve your website.


If you want things to change, you have to make the changes. If you want to see change in the profitability of your business, you have to be ready to take actions, learn more, understand your industry and market more.

Here are some bonus tips!!

1. Be Optimistic.

2. Learn to Listen.

3. Share your burden.

What changes are you ready to make to improve your profitability in your business?


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To be true to yourself is to discover your strengths, passions, limitations and purpose in life and you are completely honest with yourself, open-minded and fair. However, the only way to truly know yourself is by living life. I mean by finding out what works for you what defines you.


discover yourself

“The moment you try to be someone else you lose your identity and cease to exist”

Okay let’s talk about “Why you need to stay true to yourself”


Choosing not to live by someone else’s opinion or standards does not make you disrespectful and you really do not need to care about what people think of you. You have to remember life is an individual race and you are in charge of every decision and action you take. 


1) You will discover your purpose

When you discover your purpose, that is, the reason for which you were made and how you will achieve it, then you will be fulfilled. Being true to yourself will give you inner peace and the assurance that you own your race. You are in charge!!!  

2) Discover Your Limitations And Strength


To fulfil your purpose , you need to be able to identify your strengths and limitations.

What are your limitations as a person? What are the things that you consider as difficult or hard for you to accomplish or believe in?

What are the things you do effortlessly? 

Being true to yourself makes you answer all these questions.

In other words, you know what to channel your energy towards, where you need to put in more effort. What you can do and what you can’t do. More so, you keep growing and developing yourself. 

3) You will attract the right people


When you discover yourself ,your strength and weakness  ,you automatically find yourself among the right set of people. Those  who think alike and give you the opportunity to express yourself.


4) Life will be much easier

There is nothing as good as living a peaceful and successful life. A successful life is a purpose-driven life. Not defined by money, resources but one that is deeper. When you stay true to yourself, things fall in place and you are not competing with anyone. You will run your own race at your own pace.

In conclusion, stay true to yourself. Don’t worry about pleasing other people; living by someone else’s standards or rules. Stop caring too much about what people think and you end up being a shadow of yourself. You are the game charger! You are in charge! You are the boss of you!

Set the ground rules and boundaries, give no one else that power or pleasure. Live your truth!!!!

Have been staying true to yourself?

Let’s hear from you….


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Is The Fashion Industry Dealing With Fashion Copycats?

Quite frankly, dealing with copycats has been a long standing concern in the Fashion Industry. Fashion doesn’t have the same copyright protection as other creative media. Which means it’s easy for copycats to get away with theft. But before we dive into the gist, let’s understand what copycat Fashion or knockoff fashion is.

To copy a design simply means to produce the same item made by another Designer without getting a license to do so. In most cases, it is sold for a less price.

 From my point of view, there are two ways to it. Sometimes big brands rip off designs they have seen on a runway, mass produce them and sell at lower prices. 

 In other cases, some designers just pick up pictures off the internet to replicate in their collection or a bespoke service. I get to hear some designers say once they change the sleeves and the neckline, then it’s their design! But we all know that is so not true! Well, some folks might say …

“ What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again”

As regards the impact of copycats in the fashion industry, there are two schools of thought. According to insights and analysis shared by BOF;

 “Some say copycats dilute brand equity and damage sales, reducing incentives to innovate. Others argue that copycats are, in fact, healthy for the fashion industry, because they keep trend cycles turning”…

Dealing with copycats in fashion retail

Apparently, not everyone in the Fashion Industry is in support of dealing with copycats. This makes it easier for copycats to get away in a lot of instances. Moreso, these so-called copycats are quick to taking action. They turn out knockoffs in a matter of few days even before the original designs are produced. Is there really a permanent solution to this? Should we fold our arms and accept that it is part of the journey?

Does Intellectual Property Law Exist in the Fashion Industry?

Well, the obvious truth is that not everyone is embracing the ideology that copycat is as old as the Fashion Industry itself. Flashback to the year 2019, when one of the top Nigeria fashion brands, Deola Sagoe issued an intellectual property warning prior to the unveiling of the Deola Tropical Galactica SS20 01 Surreal™️ collection. This was in a bid to set her brand apart  and protecting her brand from the copycat plague.

In other words, some Designers have taken great steps to get legal protection for their designs. However, this law varies significantly in different countries. For instance, in the United States, fashion designs are exempt from copyright protection. Now you are wondering how exactly can you deal with the situation, right?

Firstly, you have to face the reality that some brands are out for making money alone. Nothing about creativity. Even the big brands like Zara and Forever 21 consistently knockoff designs from the Runway. More so, these brands have adopted technology into their businesses. They have been able to study the consumer behaviour, trends and how a certain design is perceived by the consumers.

Bottom line, be ready to deal with the copycats!




To stand out from the crowd means you are ready to put in the work. You have to create some uniqueness in how you present your designs to your target market. Be creative in your styling, photoshoot, packaging and even your adverts.

Beyond adding watermarks and a unique logo, let your brand identity and aesthetics reflect in your business. Sell the feelings to your consumer so they can spot the difference between your product and the knockoffs.


protect your designs

You can’t copyright types of clothing but you can copyright your unique prints and also register a patent for truly unique items. So ensure you register your designs under the Patents and Designs Act. For further reading on “Intellectual Property and Fashion in Nigeria” take a look at this article.

Do not for once think your business is too small or assume no one can copy your works. Do your research and take all necessary actions.



Work with a garment production house that has a credible reputation. You shouldn’t work with people who’ll reproduce or sell your designs or patterns. Prepare an NDA-non disclosure agreement and make your terms as clear as possible.


If you’re hit by a copycat, don’t let it weigh you down! Keep producing unique designs, monitor them and try to figure out the source of the design.  Send them a message directly or through your lawyer if they continue to steal your work. Let them know you’re willing to pursue legal action. In some cases, copycats are not worth suing because you might end up wasting money and time. For example, the Aba boys print pick off illustrations from the internet, print it on t-shirts and release at cheap prices.

I such cases, suing might not worth it because the art works are usually poorly printed on low quality T-shirts. Hence, the difference is clear! While it might be tempting to call them out, you may lose more and bring them free publicity when you fight with them.

On a final note, take the necessary steps to protect your designs, get professsional help and make sure you build a unique brand .Dealing with copycats is not an easy task, but know when to act, how to act and when to watch from a distance.

Having said all these, which of the 4-ways discussed above have you tried before or would you implement.

Share with us!⠀




⠀A Fashion career such as “fashion writing ” is for anyone who perhaps loves to air her stance , creative and thinks out of the box.  Someone who would love to cover and write their views about events and trends around the world of fashion. Fashion writers keep their audience aware of the latest styles and industry trends. They attend fashion shows, interview fashion designers and models and also write articles for a variety of media including fashion magazines, advertising publications, newspapers, online forums and blogs.

They work alongside fashion public relation officers to produce editorial copies for the extensive fashion media industry. Fashion writers work with newspapers, magazines, fashion websites or blogs, and television stations.

The daily life of a fashion writer is exciting, fun and unpredictable. They may be required to work long hours either alone or assisting the editors or the PRs.

In recent times, the influence of the internet and technology on this Fashion career path  has grown tremendously. Consequently making it easier to source information, reference images , documentaries and even past events. 

In conclusion, as glamorous as the fashion career sounds, talent and hard work are key factors to becoming a successful Fashion Writer.

Do you think fashion writing is a career path for you? 

Can you think of any more fabulous fashion business ideas? Let’s discuss.⠀⠀⠀⠀

Don’t forget to visit martwayne for other great fashion business ideas.




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TARGET AUDIENCE : When to Consider Changing Your Target Audience

TARGET AUDIENCE : When to Consider Changing Your Target Audience

In as much as choosing a target audience for your business is not always easy, there are times when you will need to re-evaluate your business. The truth is that nothing is really constant, not even your market. The fact that a certain demographic was earning a particular figure 5 years ago, does not mean the money will still have the same value neither does it mean their needs can’t change.

More so, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers are being challenged to evaluate their priorities which has ultimately led to new needs and spending criteria.

Some common reasons  why you may need to change your target audience are discussed below :⠀⠀

1. When the target audience is too small -if your target audience is too small, you won’t be profitable, it should be big enough to generate profit.

2. When the target audience is too big – When you’re trying to speak to everyone, you will end up reaching no one. Narrow it down to the relevant people but don’t make it too slim.

3. No buying power: Your customers need to have a buying power that can afford your products. If they don’t have enough money to buy your products, then they’re not the right target for your business.

4. Expansion: Sometimes with new innovations and market needs, you’ll discover other opportunities. Such opportunities might lead to an expansion and massive growth. Hence, the need to evaluate who your customers are.

For instance, some Fashion Brands and Garment production Houses have leveraged the covid-19 pandemic to increase the production and sales of nose masks and medical scrubs. Such opportunities come with expansion and a new marketing strategy. Consequently, the need to change their market.

With the evolution of the market as well as the business environment, changing your product consumers can be very useful.

Peradventure you made some wrong generalizations at the start of your business and you see a need to change your target audience, do not hesitate to do so.⠀If bigger companies have been able to do this successfully, so can you.⠀

Do you think it’s necessary for your business to change its target audience? ⠀

Let’s discuss….⠀



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Join me at 10am tomorrow, 9 June on 98.9 Kiss FM Lagos.

Join me at 10am tomorrow, 9 June on 98.9 Kiss FM Lagos.

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