Bridalwear Masterclass, Fashion Illustration & CAD Course, Sewing Courses & many more coming up @ Martwayne

Bridalwear Masterclass, Fashion Illustration & CAD Course, Sewing Courses & many more coming up @ Martwayne

Ok so these are the larger flyers of the upcoming fashion courses at Martwayne. I plan to still run a post on each of the Courses.  But here is a summary of all the Courses, in order of dates along with their fees and duration.

Foundation Course in Fashion Design

We have now restructured our Fashion Course into just 2 stages:  Beginners Stage & Advanced Stage. Our new system starts 21 May, 2018 for the Beginners and 4 June, 2018 for the Advanced.  Truth be told, those who do not want to wait for the new system have already registered for the new system so you really do not have to wait till the 21st or 4th of June.

Classes will now be on Mondays to Thursdays from 10am – 4pm.  The Beginners Stage lasts 3 months and the Advanced Stage lasts 6 months.

Course Fees are as follows:

For Beginners who have no prior knowledge:

Beginners Stage is N250,000 and the Advanced Stage is N280,000.  There is an extra N20,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.

For practising designers who can already sew but want to enhance their skills:

You can register for the Advanced Stage and this costs N385,000.  There is also the extra N20,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.

The fees cover all our sewing modules, creative modules and fashion business modules as well.

Fees can be paid in 2 instalments, 70% and 30%.

We have a weekday option and a weekend option.

Creative Course: 
Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer Aided Design

Our popular 3-in-1 creative course is back!  It comes up 31 May (weekday option) and 2 June (weekend option).   The 3 modules are:

–  Concept Development & Portfolio Presentation (How to Develop a Fashion Collection from Scratch)
–  Manual Fashion Illustration
–  Digital Fashion Illustration

The fees are N90,000 but participants need their tablets and/or smartphones for the digital class.  It needs to be IOS or Android-enabled.

Course lasts 8 weeks for both the weekday and the weekend option.  Weekday classes are from 10am – 2pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays and 10am – 6pm on weekends.

Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing – An Online Course

Yes! This Course will also feature the launch of our online platform which has been in the works for ages!  We developed this Course for those who wanted to perfect their finishing without necessarily signing up for any of our major courses, and of course, for those outside Lagos.  It will be launched on June 12 and the fees will cost N10,000.

Bridalwear Masterclass

And this is a Course that is looooong overdue!  We finally decided to create one due to the HUGE demand for this Course.  We decided to also partner with other experts in their field to run a major Master Class which makes it a combination of literally 5 or 6 separate courses in 1 – and the list keeps increasing!  

It includes the following courses:

–   Tambour Beading; 
–   Corsetry; 
–   Advanced Pattern Making Techniques for High Fashion & Couture;
–  Manual and Digital Fashion Illustration strictly for Bridalwear, and so much more as I keep adding to the Course content!  

It is an extremely intensive Course and it starts on the 25th of June so participants have enough time to plan and save up for it.

The fees cost N350,000 and will last for 8 weeks.  Days are Mondays to Thursdays from 10am – 4pm.

Fees can also be paid for in 2 instalments: 70% and 30%.  Trust me, this will be well worth it!  It is a packed course!

Okies!!! So far this is it! We are still working on more courses and our hybrid system (part in-house and part-online) so will keep you posted. 

We also have accommodation available for our participants from outside Lagos for an extra fee so don’t worry, you are sorted.

Venue of the Courses is, of course, our Training Center located at 8, Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos.

If you have questions and would like us to call you, simply fill the form and we will contact you asap!

OR you can contact us on: 

Telephone:  0818 395 8856

Chat to us on WhatsApp on 0809 787 6075 or simply by clicking this link

Chat to us on Instagram @martwayne 

Or e-mail for more details

Excellent!  Please forward to your friends and family or give someone a great gift!  We look forward to welcoming you all!

Live Your Fashion Dreams in 2018!

Live Your Fashion Dreams in 2018!

Yes!!!  It’s just over a week into 2018 and most people are just easing into their normal lives.  We, at Martwayne, officially started work yesterday and are steadfastly working towards our goals for the year – one of which is to incorporate more online courses this year.  We believe it is about time!

BUT this is not about us!  This is about YOU!  If you have always loved fashion, 2018 is the year to do something about it!  Our fashion courses will move you from zero to hero in no time. 

We have tweaked our curriculum and are incorporating new learning methods backed by research which we tested last year and I can tell you, it has been great!

SO!  If you are a complete beginner or a practising designer who can already sew but want to improve your sewing skills, NOW is the time to turn your love for fashion into a viable business!  Wouldn’t it be great to do something new this year?!  

Truth be told, we have other courses apart from sewing courses.  We have a Creative Course as well to help you build your innate creative abilities and Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses if you are currently struggling with your fashion business.  

And best of all we have weekend courses for busy professionals and weekday courses for those with a more flexible schedule.

Classes for the new Stream begin 15 January, 2018 for the weekday option and 20 January, 2018 for the weekend option.  You should join us!

Let us work with you on your fashion journey and help you become the Fashion Designer you were destined to be.

Give us a call today on 0818 395 8856, chat us up on WhatsApp 0809 787 6075 or on Instagram @martwayne

Here’s wishing you a GREAT year ahead!
Learn Childrenswear at Martwayne. Start Date: 12 September 2017

Learn Childrenswear at Martwayne. Start Date: 12 September 2017

Yes yes!  Here’s introducing yet another brand spanking new Course at Martwayne. Our Short Course in Childrenswear!  And why childrenswear?!  Well…. we have had requests from people who are only interested in starting a clothing line for young children.  Of course we know there is a HUGE market out there for childrenswear.  Why?!  Because new babies are born, young children grow bigger with age (unlike me and a lot of ladies out there who can still fit into clothes they had 15 years ago! lol) and of course with an increase in age comes a new wardrobe.  So we thought to ourselves, why force students to go through our ladieswear Course when they can simply focus on the area they are most interested in!  And voila!  Our Childrenswear Course was born! 😀

So how does the Course run you ask?!  It’s pretty simple…

Well first, you must be able to sew to attend this Course.  If you cannot sew, you must complete the Beginners Course first before you can start this one.  Once you are done with the Beginners Course (this lasts for 4 weeks, 3 days a week), you can move on to the Childrenswear Course instead of the Bodices and Dressmaking Course.

SO!  The flyer states it all but I will still give a breakdown of how the Course will run.


The Course is in 2 parts. As always, we prefer to split the Course so people can plan their time and their finances, especially those coming from outside Lagos.  It will run for 3 days a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.  If you are coming from outside Lagos, we will run 3 consecutive days for you i.e. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays so you can leave on Thursday to head back home.

Each part will last for 8 weeks BUT as always, if you are a fast learner, you can be done in less time.  You do have a daily calendar and once you grasp the concepts, you can be done with what you have to do for even 2 days in 1 day.  All depends on how fast you learn.  BUT the maximum time you can complete each part is 8 weeks.

We also have a Saturday only option for full time workers with a busy schedule during the week.  Of course you will be with us for much longer because you come to class once a week but as always, you can also be done in less time.

OH… just in case you were wondering… all our sewing courses include pattern making! 😀


We modelled the fees exactly as our Bodices and Dressmaking Course.

If you can already sew:

Part 1 is a total of N85,000 (Fees are N65,000; Your Toolkit is N10,000 and there is an extra N10,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course).

Part 2 is N70,000.

Complete Beginners:

The Beginners Course (as always) is a total of N80,000 (Fees are N60,000, Your Toolkit is N10,000 and there is an extra N10,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course).

Part 1 of the Childrenswear Course will also be N60,000 while Part 2 will be N70,000.

How to Register:

Registration as always is easy!  Payment of the fees by cash or online transfer into the following account secures your seat on the Course:

“Martwayne Limited”, 023 710 3843, GTBank

Please note that you need to register early before the start date so we can buy your tools and materials.

All classes will take place at The Martwayne Training Center, Surulere, Lagos.

For more details, please contact us on:

Tel: 0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877
WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry: D8E9802C
Instagram: @martwayne

Yes yes!  We have an active Instagram account and people do reach out to us on Instagram as well.  Plus we have some interesting conversations on Instagram so do follow us!

Great!  We look forward to you joining us and helming you on your journey to start your ready to wear line!  Do tell everyone to tell everyone!

Muchos gracias!
Hello May!!!  It’s Picture Time!!! Enjoy pictures from our Q1 2017 Fashion Courses: Fashion Illustration, Corsetry, Textile Design & other stuff we’ve been up to at Martwayne! :-D

Hello May!!! It’s Picture Time!!! Enjoy pictures from our Q1 2017 Fashion Courses: Fashion Illustration, Corsetry, Textile Design & other stuff we’ve been up to at Martwayne! :-D

HELLO Good People!!!!!!!  Gosh it has been AGES since I was here!  So let me catch up on all the greetings I have missed out on.  Happy belated new quarter!  Happy belated Good Friday!  Happy belated Easter!  Happy belated Workers Day!  And the latest one… Happy Belated New Month lol!  And of course Happy Happy HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to all my fabulous people out there!  I am sure you all had great holidays and even greater birthdays!  I know we did at Martwayne! 😀

SO!  What we have been up to since my last post (insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here).  No excuses really!  As I type this, I’m thinking to myself that there has to be some app out there that just types away while I talk right?!  There just has to be an easier way to blog…. I really have to explore that option.  So yeah!  That’s my excuse!

Okies you have missed a lot yes but not to worry!  I am here to catch you up in one single post!  We will do more of pictures but of course we still have to do a teeny weeny bit of writing for the benefit of those just coming into contact with us for the first time.  Besides… let me confess… I just lost about 3 hours of this same blog post which just disappeared so really I am just oh-so-happy with just pictures and tiny writing right now… 

SO!  What do we start of with?! 

YES! First!  First!!  First!!!  We’ll start off with this AMAZING testimonial from one of us at Martwayne.  Whoop!  Whoop!  You know how much we love testimonials! 😀

Yeah… this dress!  All I can say is “THIS DRESS”!  After all the drama, let’s just say I am glad it turned out great!  A one time perfect fit, kudos to another Martwayne student @tolunimz on such a perfect pattern!  And I am glad it turned out great!  I think @ms_ellysha makes a stunning Maid of Honour don’t you think?! Glad our students see value in what we teach! Can’t wait to see more work from them.  

Next up?!  My interview with Pretty Woman magazine! Whoop!  Whoop! Whoop! 😀

Yes yes!  So I had this great interview with Tricia of Pretty Woman magazine on fashion entrepreneurship which you all know is my thing!  Oh you should check out @pwmagazine and follow them on Instagram.  The articles and pictures they post are really inspiring especially for fashion lovers.  So yeah… this article basically centered on advice for fashion designers who are either starting off or currently running one so you should grab a copy at Glendora Bookstore in Ikeja City Mall, Patabah Bookstore in Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall, Surulere.  Hang on though… the article came out in March so I guess it’s best to contact them for a copy and get yours delivered.  So here I am saying Thank you! Thank you!!  Thank you!! @pwmagazine!  Really honored to have been considered for this!

NEXT up… Easter Holiday Hang-outs! 😀

Oh yes!  This was another fun one! In April, 2 Martwayne students launched their ready-to-wear lines.  There’s @chioma.redbutton of in the middle on the left and Nneamaka of @makayembellishments on the right.  Yes yes!  Always a proud moment for us.  Wishing them both the very best in this new field.  I cannot wait to rock my orders! 😀

OKIES!  And now for work!  😀
Everyone who’s been on our instagram page @martwayne (you have to follow us if you don’t already do so :-D) can confirm we have been very very busy!  In the first quarter, we successfully ran 5 courses!  Yes!  5 courses!!! Actually make that 6!  We somehow managed to sneak in a Juniors Course in there somewhere lol. Like wow right?!  We started off with the Beginners Course and the Bodices & Dressmaking Course.  And we also ran our very popular Design, Fashion Illustration & CAD Course.  Then we launched 2 brand spanking new courses, the Textile Design Course and the Corsetry Course.

Now confession time…. we were so busy I actually forgot to take a lot of pictures. 🙁  But these were the few I could squeeze in.  And by few, they are actually not that few but not as much as I would have hoped!

Let’s start with the Design, Fashion Illustration & CAD Course!

Yes!  This is always a trip for me because it is always amazing seeing students who could not draw a thing when hey started churn out full fashion illustrations not only manually but digitally.  Don’t believe me?!  Ok check out this comment from a participant in this current stream:

See…. she said it.  I didn’t!  I have always said you can learn anything if you put your mind to it!  And put their mind to it, they did!  Even when we changed the timing from 12 noon to 10am, they were here on the dot of 10 and by 2pm they were out!  And the weekend students were not left out as well. Shame I don’t have pictures yet but gosh they put in the long hours!  10am – 6pm every Saturday!  I am literally in awe! Sometimes, catch up classes started at 8.30am and they stuck to it!  

The Course is not over yet!  They are currently working on their project based on the theme ‘Back to the Future – a link between the past and the future’ and I cannot wait to share those either.  That will be in a separate post though.  For now… enjoy the pictures…


 Okies!  Now we move on to a Sewing Course!  The Corsetry Course!

So this was carved out of our Bodices & Dressmaking Course Part 3 due to demand.  We had experienced bridal wear designers who wanted to learn corsetry without going through the whole course.  And that is the beauty of our Courses.  You ask, we listen and we make a plan!  Most people have time and financial constraints so might not want to run the whole Course while others come in from out of town.

Yet again, we have few pictures ;-(  BUT please “manage them” lol as they say… Hope to have more pictures next time!

Don’t you just LOVE a well-built corset?! 😀

Told you we didn’t have much pictures.  I don’t have the corsets of the other participants plus this was just the first type of corset.  The 2nd task was the corset with a cup.  But anyway…. you can tell from the pictures they did a great job.  The next one, which is a weekend option, is coming up in June so if you missed this one, watch this space!

Now on to the Textile Design Course! 😀

Oh wow THIS course here was the ISH!  If you missed it, you definitely have to register for the next one!  I was completely impressed with the participants’ work and there was even an excursion to the local markets to actually discover where to source fabrics from!  Really bummed I don’t have much pictures at all!  I am so sober!  But I can tell you it was a GREAT course!  There was beading, hand embroidery, tie and dye, fabric painting (oh that was my favourite) and even a small bag-making module.  But like I promised, less writing and more pictures! 🙂

Stunning right?!  I know!  Not to worry, if you missed this one, we still have another one coming up sometime in August which you can still register for.  And the Digital Textile Design as well so watch this space! 

Yes yes!  Almost done!  We still had other things we were up to.  I’ll touch on those just a tad bit!

Juniors Course:

Yes we had a determined young lady in high school who was DETERMINED to learn fashion on Saturdays!  Like wow!  Her passion is on another level!  And boy was I impressed!  I thought it would be hectic adding a weekend sewing program to her busy schedule but she is having none of it!  This young fashionista is ready to move on to the next stage!  I am tempted to move her on to the Beginners Course but I think we’ll just structure something for her which we will also run over the summer holidays as well.  We already have the requests coming in!  So big thumbs up to you Teni!

Corporate Training for Professionals on “Dressing for Success”

Haha!  Yes!  This is something I don’t really talk much about but I should!  😀  You all know I am a professional at heart right!  Thanks to my background I am able to merge my fashion knowledge with the business community and structure a Course for corporate professionals on how to use fashion as a tool for personal and business success!  Now you know why I love what I do right?!  It is so versatile I can do so much! And of course this is one we just concluded for KPMG Professional Services. (I know right?!)  It was a GREAT session and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure they did as well! I am looking forward to the next one already!  Thank you so much KPMG!

And finally…. (phew) and I m OH-SO-HAPPY about this one…  

The Launch of our Clothing Factory!  YAYE!!!!!!!!! 

After running away from this idea for so long, 2 Martwayne students and 1 finally decided to confront this issue plaguing the Nigerian fashion industry for so long – an affordable production unit where fashion designers can outsource their designs to for production in standard sizes!  And yes we started it out and I must say, it has been incredible!  And we have not even advertised it yet!  I won’t give details in this post.  This is the content for another post entirely!  But yeah…. you can clearly see that we have NOT been idle one bit!

PHEW!  That’s about it!  I am completely knackered!  

I will conclude this post by thanking every single person that has made our year so successful – the instructors you are just amazing, Martwayne staff – you guys are the BOMB, those who refer us every single day – God bless you loads ….. and of course, our VIPs – our clients and participants!  You are just AMAZING!  Without you, we would not be here!  We really owe you a lot!  Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!!

Watch out for our next few courses coming up!  We have amazing ones as well…

–  Pattern-Making with Computer Aided Design (Digital Pattern-Making);
–  Short Course in Childrenswear
–  Short Course in Corsetry (Weekend option)
–  Digital Textile Design (this is still tentative)… and of course
–  We are still taking registrations for the Beginners as well as Bodices & Dressmaking Course as well.

Details will come up over the next week or so – so watch this space!  

And oh… PS. I still haven’t forgotten the podcasts I promised on “Starting a Fashion Business”.  I know many are looking forward to it but I have been warned to take things slow and tackle each project one by one.  And I am heeding that advice!  So I will work on it!  My major prayer right now is for some serious help with my weakness for procrastination. I am really working on it.

Okay! Okay!  I am GONE now!  Like finally!  I am now clicking  “Publish” FOR REAL now!

Have a great week everyone!!!  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @martwayne Just click this link!  Ciao!
What Happened @ Fashion Talk on “Starting a Ready to Wear Line” on Saturday the 17th of October, 2015… :-D

What Happened @ Fashion Talk on “Starting a Ready to Wear Line” on Saturday the 17th of October, 2015… :-D

Yes we had A BLAST at Fashion Talk on Saturday!!!  Wow-wee!!!  Honestly I could not have asked for a better turn out and event.  The speakers were on point!  We started on time!  And we finished just as planned!  In fact it was SUCH a good day people refused to take a lunch break!  And I would say from the testimonials it was worth it!
So why did we decide to organise “Fashion Talk”?

Well… to be honest it was the first speaker, David Wej, who initiated it.  We were having a chat a while back and he suggested coming to speak to Martwayne students about starting a ready to wear line.  And naturally I jumped at the idea!

Not long after that, I started getting enquiries from people who were tired of the “made-to-measure” business model they were currently running and wanted to veer into ready to wear.  So we decided to throw it open to others rather than just Martwayne students.  And we got a whole lot of registrations.
And of course, it posed the opportunity to invite even more speakers and we had 3 speakers in total + me making 4 (though to be honest I did not do much speaking at all).
And in true Martwayne style, we started at 1 pm PROMPT like the sms stated (ok… I got on the stage like 1.05pm) but the 1st speaker started at 1.15 sharp as planned and he is a stickler for time.
This was taken around 1.15 pm and I really am thankful enough people came early.  I’m sure they were as well! 😀
Meet the Speakers:
Here they are in the order in which they spoke.
😀  Need I introduce myself again… 😀  I did the hosting and the introductions
David Wej, fashion retailer extraordinaire… 
Goodness!  After listening to him speak, I tell you, retail is the way to go!  He spoke on:
 “Starting a Fashion Retail Business”
Seye Amusa… a very trusted trainer who KNOWS his stuff.  
I tell you… if you want to move your business forward, you need this man!
He spoke about “Understanding Your Business Model”  
(are you an ant, an elephant, a butterfly or a bumble bee…? :-D)
Mrs Sola Babatunde who definitely knows her stuff.  A seasoned trainer who also runs a proper clothing production line as it should be run with the stages properly broken down into steps!  
She spoke about “Running a Garment Production Unit” 
Of course I already have a short YouTube clip on the event but let me make those who did not attend GREEN with envy with a few pictures of the testimonials!
Told you you’d be green!  It really was a good one!
And of course, we launched the Martwayne advert on that day!  
The response was awesome and I really thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CAME!
Enjoy the video clip of the event!  Just click on the link below the picture.
With my Martwayne Students!  You guys rock!  Love you all to BITS! 😀 😀 😀 
Thank you so much for representing!
Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and please SUBSCRIBE to the Martwayne Channel! Mucho gracias! 😀
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