My Journey Down Fashion Avenue….:-D

My Journey Down Fashion Avenue….:-D

Times Square, New York…

So during my trip, I decided to do the “touristy” thing and check out the sites and sounds of New York.  Of course I had to check out the stores – especially the 4 stores on Fashion Star – Saks Fifth Avenue, Macys (which I eventually did like 90% of my shopping), H&M and Express.  Of course  I also made a mental note to check out the factories or at least see where a lot of the manufacturing took place around here.
But first…  I had to do some shopping!  So off we went down that loooong stretch of road down Times Square.  I was just still staring at the video displays and the runways on the huge buildings when AA told me “Check out that HUGE needle and button over there”!  

Little did I know that I was RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the garment district!  My friend Moji only told me that later.   

Don’t you just love this picture of me helping out my fellow “tailor”? 😀

And then my own history lesson began down the Fashion Walk of Fame!  😀

Ok… I don’t really remember the order in which I took the picture of these large err… coins so I just arranged them in alphabetical order.  Oh… I have to make the images really large so you can read what’s on them…




SUCH an inspiration!  I’m sure there were many more but these were the ones I think I could take without really stopping the flow of traffic.  But I enjoyed every minute of it… and hopefully, I can post more pictures of my trip! 😀

Have a great day! 

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