Great ideas come and go, often they come in unexpected moments of inspiration. But what do you do when you need to come up with fresh ideas? How do you jumpstart the ideation process?

Here are a few ways to open up your mind and get your creative juices flowing.⠀

1) Take a walk

A change of scenery will do you a lot of good. It’ll help stimulate your senses, decrease stress, get your blood flowing and before you know it you'll probably be able to generate creative ideas.⠀

Fun Fact: Einstein walked on the beach when he needed to work out complex problems.⠀

2) Socialize more

Go out, meet new people, attend events, talk to people in and outside your industry or strike up conversations with customers you’re familiar with.⠀

It’ll help you learn more, generate new ideas and refresh your perspective.⠀

3) Keep an Idea Journal

You can never really predict the exact moment when a great idea will come to you, that's why it is essential to have a journal where you can record them.⠀Write everything down! No matter how silly it may appear. It helps you remember and develop fresh ideas from past recorded ones.⠀

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4) Travel

‘The more you travel, the more learned you are’ – this old saying has proven to be true. And it doesn't have to be outside the country either.  Travelling helps you generate new ideas, knowledge and gain insight previously unattainable.⠀

5) Try out market research

Market research can prove invaluable in generating new ideas. It’ll help you find out exactly what your target market wants, key services/products you should be offering and how to get ahead of the competition.⠀

The best ideas come to you when you’re taking a shower or randomly surfing the web.  For me, it will be when taking a shower, driving or praying.  And that’s okay! The important thing is to find what works for you.  But it's also key not to try tooooo hard.  All thoughts and ideas become elusive when you try too hard. 


One thing I have also noticed, at least I can speak for myself, is that the best eureka ideas come from your frustration and your pain points.  Think of something that really really upsets you!  A real nag for you and that could just be it!  

I have said this story too many times.  I went into fashion because I was tired of my tailor wrecking my clothes.  I said I would learn it and come back to teach her!  And that was it!  

My sister came up with an idea of a food app because she never understood what the ingredients on her food labels were.  And really that is how it is.   Your best ideas come to you when you least expect it!  So be prepared when they come!



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