“Prince of Peace”, The Image of Jesus as painted by Akiane Kramarik; www.akiane.com
Picture from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/7f/4f/1e/7f4f1ea2a81f3d9b91ab5431e5245682.jpg

Ever since I saw this image of Jesus in the movie, Heaven Is For Real, I have been extremely drawn to it.  I remember my sister telling me about a documentary she watched where the producers were trying to recreate his image based on some assertions and that conversation came back to me when I saw this picture.  


The Painting, “Prince of Peace” was created by Akiane Kramarik (www.akiane.com) at the age of 8, after her personal experiences and visions of Heaven and Jesus.  According to what I read on www.art-soulworks.com, the official site where the painting can be bought, 

“She began praying and searching diligently for someone that looked similar to who she saw in her vision of Jesus.  One day, after hours of focused prayer, a man knocked on her door.  He had heard she was looking for a model for a portrait of Jesus and offered to sit for it.  Akiane accepted his offer and the result is her first masterpiece, the Prince of Peace”.

I have seen many images of Jesus and I know I did a double take when I first saw this image in the movie.  Whenever I look at this picture, I feel a lot of emotions arising within me for some reason I really can’t explain.  And for that singular reason, I honestly truly believe this may have been what He looked like.  

Who knows… Perhaps it was Jesus who came to Akiane and actually posed for this picture.  After all, when the disciples first met Jesus after the resurrection, they did not know it was Him.  Same with Mary Magdalene.  But this is just my take on it.  

As I reflect on what Easter means to me, Akiane’s words seem very apt on why there is a light and dark side to the Image.  She says:

“Love and truth are represented 
on the light side of Jesus’ Face;
The other is of darkness and suffering 
yet there’s light in His Eye.
This light is a reminder that
He is ALWAYS with us!” – Akiane

And I believe this is what Easter is all about.  To me, it speaks about the Peace I always feel within me whenever I think of my personal relationship with Jesus, the Sacrifice He Made on the Cross and the Hope that is constantly renewed within me when sometimes I feel down and feel lost.

In this special season, I wish for you and all of yours the true blessings of Easter.  May this period truly manifest itself with the renewal of our minds and may it bring us closer to Him and make us truly appreciate what He gave up to bring us closer to God.

And my prayer for you is this:

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus,
The Love of God
And the Sweet Fellowship of The Holy Spirit
Be With Us All
Now and Forever More


God Bless You All.  Do have a great Easter and a fabulous long holiday!  


Oh.  PS.

You can read the rest of Akiane’s Poem about this Painting at the link below:

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