How To Write Good Fashion Product Descriptions  

 A good product description highlights the key features and benefits of your products in the most intriguing ways while keeping them optimized .It is one thing to have few words to describe your products and it is another to make sure you persuade a potential customer Hence, it is not only about the words and the images, it has to lead to sales and conversion. 


A product description simply gives an overview of the details of a product. It states the features and the benefits of the products and also gives the consumer the reason to purchase your product.

It is powerful enough to convert a visitor into a potential customer and also capable of putting them off done the wrong way.

Gone are the days when consumers used to purchase goods online just for the sake of convenience and limited availability of online stores. Some shoppers want to know the nitty gritty of the fashion item they are about to purchase.   


They are curious about the fiber content, durability, fit, does it have a multiple styling option? Are there any reviews? and the questions go on and on….. 

So really you want to do this and do it the right way.

In simple terms, a good product description should 

In some cases , it may include videos and frequently asked questions. So it’s up to you to decide how you want your customers to feel.

 Why Do You Need a Good Product Description?

Still not convinced about how this affects your customers? Let me give some facts. According to statistics, they play a key role in the purchasing decision of your customers. About 87% of consumers place high importance on how products are described. Consequently, it could give them a reason to buy or do otherwise.

Are you are aware that 50% of customers also return products due to the fact that the product did not match the description. Statistics has also shown that about 98% of consumers decide not to buy a product as a result of  inaccurate product description.

consumer behaviour statistics
Returned product statistics

Okay here is the gist, writing a good product description does not have to be a hassle. Follow the tips discussed in this article and put yourself on the right path to making more sales and conversions in 2021.

Okay let’s get right into it!


Converse With Your Ideal Target Audience

Setting up an online store or a website already means you have done your market research right?

You know who your target market is and have an ideal knowledge of what it means to have an optimized website.

So you want to write a product description that will resonate with your target audience. You want to go personal with  them . Make them feel like it’s the same brand they relate with on your social media platforms. Are they very formal people? Do they like slangs? Would they relate with emojis? What questions do they ask frequently. 

Make them feel the same way as a client standing face to face with you will feel. In other words, understand your customers’s lingo.

Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good story, so make sure you evoke an emotion when describing your product.  Your product descriptions can describe how the idea for the product was born, tell them how they will feel in it. Explain to the production process or materials. Give them the feel before they even buy it.

Online store

Here is an example of a brand that understands her customer lingo and  tells a story without missing purpose of the product description.

JENN ARDOR has clearly stated some key features, the materials used, where to wear the shoes to and how you will feel in his pair of shoes.

Straight and concise, yet with a story around it.

Good product description

Include Reviews and Ratings

Finally ,Including a social proof in your product description goes a long way in making people feel comfortable with buying your products. Consumers naturally want to know if other people have used your products, how did they feel? Was it easy to use? Does it tally with the description? Adding reviews and images of other clients can help emphasize the benefits and features you have included in the description.

 product review
review description


  • Highlight the most valuable features.
  • Use videos and creative demos to excite the consumer.
  • Ensure your product description is optimized for the web.
  • Communicate as clearly as possible.
On a Final Note!

Your product description is a powerful sales tool. Make it good enough to yield more sales and conversions in 2021.

Has this article helped you? Share your thoughts more ways to write a good Fashion product description.

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