How Do I Increase My Sales Online?

Making a profit is one of  your primary goals as a business owner. Hence the need to decipher how to increase sales online.

With e-retail sales accounting for 14% of retail sales worldwide, which has been forecasted to increase to about 22% in 2023, we, therefore, have to come up with online strategies to boost sales as we all hope for a global speedy recovery.

According to The State Of Fashion in 2021 report, the Covid-19 pandemics has been said to step up the industry trends with shopping shifting to digital channels, and with more closure of brick and mortar stores. As a result, propelled fashion businesses to adopt digital marketing strategies to improve their presence and sales.


The State of online fashion retail

Beyond increasing online sales, adopting effective online sales strategies can also help businesses to increase their brand awareness and also track their sales trends in order to better understand consumer needs and deliver appropriately.

Thus, any fashion brand that intends to grow needs to be more customer-centric i.e has to have the needs of the consumer in the center of all decisions.

In episode 13 of Business nuggets by Martwayne, I had the pleasure of hosting Tobi Asehinde, the CEO and founder of Digital Marketing Skill Institute.  Who willingly shared invaluable strategies and insights into the way and how we must adopt online strategies to make more sales. 


Here are some of the highlights of what was discussed in this Webinar:


  1. You need to know the time it takes for a stranger to buy your product.
  2. Monitor your marketing channels (online and on-site) in order to appropriately attribute the source of a conversion.
  3. Have a clear picture of your target market, and the stage they are i.e awareness, consideration  or decision stage 
  4. Identify the content suitable for your customers at these buying stages .
  5. Research what your competitors are doing.
  6. Use retargeting to close more deals.
  7. Never be afraid of users unsubscribing from your mail list.
  8. Sell yourself, never assume people know what you do
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