Why You Should Adopt Digital Fashion In Your Business

Digital Fashion ,amongst the many disruptions of technology in the fashion industry gained a lot of traction during the COVID -19 pandemic.  Though not a new concept, it definitely gained more awareness in a bid for fashion brands to adapt to the current global situation.

Thus, more brands were open to adopting digital methods of prototyping, virtual runways, amongst many other benefits. Let’s have a overview of what digital fashion really is.

What Is Digital Fashion?

 Digital Fashion is the visual representation of clothing built using computer technologies and 3D software, thus serves as an interplay between digital technology and couture.

By Wikipedia.

It is the manufacturing of clothes with the use of pixels as against fabrics. The advent of covid-19 has created a new normal in the fashion industry and digital fashion has provided a means to cope with some of these changes. Consequently, increasing the possibilities of building a more sustainable brand

Just as in the traditional design process, digital fashion also needs to be translated from design, to pattern, sewn and then simulated to view the outcome.

In episode 16 of Business Webinar by Martwayne, we talked about digital pattern making. Why it’s a better approach compared to the traditional pattern drafting.

Take for instance, you run a garment factory, the more jobs you have means, you need to get more tailors/ pattern makers . This could translate to spending more time, money , whether it is direct or indirect . You agree with me right?

What if there was a way to cut down these expenses and even shorten the sampling time. Well I can tell you for free that with digital pattern making, this is possible. Click the video below to watch the full episode of BWM #16 .


The Evolution Of Digital Pattern Making

CAD (Computer Aided Designs) pattern making has been existing since the early days of Fashion Design, companies such as Gerber, Opitex, etc are among the early pioneers.

Despite the numerous benefits of digital pattern drafting, the technology was not accessible to the majority.

The cost of acquiring and sustaining this software was far too high for small-scale businesses.

In recent times, more software has been developed in order to bridge this gap,

thus making digital patterns a more accessible way to create clothing patterns.

It’s no surprise that it is fast becoming a popular method and is starting to replace the traditional paper pattern drafting. Visit Garment Production House for Digital Pattern Prototyping.

Some Benefits of Digital Pattern Making Are;

  • Better Precision. 
  • It is faster, thus saves time.
  • Saves space.
  • Can be easily shared in different file formats e.g pdf, SVG, etc.
  • Helps in space management.

In Conclusion

Digital Pattern making can give better control of your production process, you can see the over all look of the design in real time. You can even decide to just focus on digital pattern making, virtual sampling , etc.

In the episode 18 of BNM, I talked more on the applications to use as well as examples of fashion retailers already making waves with this technology.

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