A new Monday approaches, you feel stressed out because you’re not prepared at all. At the end of the week, you feel frustrated because you couldn’t accomplish much. Can you relate?

During any given time, you will likely have a lot on your plate, especially as a business owner. And it’s easy to get so overwhelmed and bogged down that you’re not sure where to start. You may miss deadlines, send out items for delivery late and mess things up. And listen: It’s OK to make mistakes. We’re all human.

But, honestly, a lot of times, situations like that can be avoided by doing one very simple thing: planning out your week ahead of time rather than winging it. 

Why I need to plan my week as business owner

Why you should plan your week


Simply put, as a business owner, planning your week in advance helps you block out time for the most important and urgent things in your business, and personal life. We cannot discuss planning your week without talking about time management.

You can lose money and may or may not get it back, but when you lose time, there really is no option, it is gone and gone for good.

I do not dispute the fact that we are humans , so sometimes things might not go exactly how we have planned . Hence, the reason to be give room for unforeseen circumstances . The more reason we should delve into time management a bit. To plan your week appropriately, you need to be able to place your activities in either of these 4 quadrants, this will help you prioritize while creating your to-do-list. I will explain better later in this article.

time management for a fashion entrepreneur

How To Plan Your Week

  • Know your goal ahead of time.
  • Identify what is urgent or important
  • Create a To-do-list
  • Be realistic with time.
  • Be disciplined and committed to following it (there is always a sense of fulfillment when you thick that box!!!)

Okay back to our Time Management Quadrant. So it’s very easy for us as business owners, in fact, humans generally, to spend the bulk of our time in quadrants 1 and 3, but then this will not do us any good.

The quadrant that should make the most of our time should be quadrant 2. The planning, development stage. (pssst…” he more time we spend here, then the less tendency for us to spend more time in quadrant 1”

planning important tasks ahead in your business

The examples listed above are important but not urgent, but if you do not spend time on them, then they will result in being urgent and important as seen below.

Plan your week to avoid having urgent tasks


Here is a list of some applications that can help you create a To-do list


Plan your entire week ahead of time, from clothing to meetings and activities. Have a to-do list for everything! Do this, and you’ll be more productive, settled, and in a better place mentally. I agree it is not easy but I have been adopting this and trust me, ticking off that to-do list does wonders for you!

Do you plan your week ahead of time? Has it been helpful? Share with us in the comment section.

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