What Are The Strategies To Increase

Online Sales?

Have you read my previous article on 10 strategies to increase online sales? If you haven’t, then HERE is the link .  In today’s article, I have discussed 5 more strategies that can boost your online sales.



6. Influencer Marketing


Another Strategy to increase your online sales is collaborating with an influencer.

You have to realize that people no longer depend or trust TV ads, more so , not every fashion brand can afford that. Consumers want a form of proof that can make them trust your brand . Hence the more reason you need to pick the right influencer.  

The right influencer communicates with the right crowd . 

Some influencers get money or your products in return for their services. Yeah it might seem like an expensive investment, trust me , it pays off when done correctly.


7. Target Look-alike Audience On Facebook Ads


This is actually one of my favorite strategies. I find it really fascinating and more importantly, yields tremendous results.

Facebook ads for boosting online sales

Targeting look-alike audience on Facebook ads simply means Facebook can place your ads in front of Facebook users that are similar to the audience you have created on Facebook . Thus Facebook uses the data you already have to expand your reach.

You will agree with me that it is an inexpensive way to increase your brand awareness right? 

8. Attribution

As the word implies, attribution -Ascribe the right conversion to the appropriate digital channel. You need to study your conversion pathways in your Google Analytics, for instance, so as to actually know where your conversions and leads are generated from. Being able to identify what is working and what is not, will save you some money and time to invest in the appropriate channels.

Study Your Analytics to boost your online sales

9. Study Your Analytics


A major benefit of digital marketing in the fashion industry is the ability to measure the impact of the the digital channels used , just as discussed in Google analytics for instance can give you insights into the demographics of your customers, 

an average number of people that interact with your website, in fact, you can get data on real-time events, such as the pages the user is on, actions taken, time spent on each page, etc. Keeping an eye on your analytics can help you identify the most effective digital platforms.

In conclusion, before you implement any of the strategies above, ensure you have a clear goal. Are you working towards increasing your brand awareness or perhaps, you already have a large audience, you just want to get more sales . Either way, knowing exactly what you want will guide your contents, sales copy, ads, etc

Product review increase your sales

Never Under-Estimate Your Product Review


Today’s consumers’ place a lot of importance on social proofs from other customers. Perhaps even more than a sales copy and an ad from an influencer.

 Including feedback on your website, social media handles, online stores, product descriptions, and emails help build more trust amongst your customers, consequently increasing your sales.


Now that I have shared all the 10 strategies ,which one would like to start with? Share with us in the comment section .  Don’t forget to join our live webinars on Thursdays, 8 pm WAT. 

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