Think Global Act Local with Mai Atafo

Think Global Act Local with Mai Atafo

I remember the first time I ‘officially’ got paid in dollars. It was a sale of the Origami Patternmaking Online Course from a lady in South America. I honestly cannot explain what the feeling was like.

Here I was, in Lagos, doing my thing appealing to a global audience that I was not actively marketing to.

And that is how I have always operated. I have always applied global methods customized to the Nigerian environment.

And who better to talk about this than Mai Atafo @maiatafo of @atafo.official !

Mai needs no introduction! He is pretty much a household name in the Fashion Industry. The designer to the celebrities whose works have been recognized beyond the shores of Nigeria. And he operates from Nigeria!

It is, therefore, my pleasure to invite him on Thursday 15 July 2021 on our Live Webinar on the topic Think Global, Act Local. How to Evolve & Grow Your Fashion Business.

Time is 8pm (WAT) | 3pm EST LIVE on Instagram on the Martwayne Instagram Handle.

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How to Sew an Invisible Zipper Step by Step | Youtube Video

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper Step by Step | Youtube Video

If you always wanted to know how to sew an invisible zipper, this Youtube video will teach you step by step HOW TO MAKE YOUR INVISIBLE ZIP TRULY INVISIBLE.

You can check it out here:

sewing invisible zipper


I will work on the other videos mentioned in the video and upload them as well.

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4 Important Sources You Need To Create

Your Buyer Persona


Now that you know what a customer persona is, what you need to include, now let’s talk about how you can get the information you need.

 Fashion is very dynamic and consumers are definitely using more clothes for a less period of time, Why you may ask?

Simply because they have more options!!! And are more informed, so if they don’t feel a brand connects with them, they just find another! So you want to start your research from your customers.

You could consider;

  •  Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Digital Channel Analytics
  • Sales Data
  • Customer Reviews/ Feedbacks

Now let’s discuss 4 of these sources  


#1 Surveys

If for instance, you are trying to introduce a new service or modify your branding, policies, etc sending a survey to people in your database will help you know the opinion of your audience even before you embark on the project.

These could give you insights into how to go about the project when to launch the new concept or even place it on hold. 

Gap Inc. for instance introduced a new logo in 2010, only to receive some backlash from the consumers and within one week, the logo was pulled down.

Perhaps if Gap Inc. had conducted a survey, the money spent on re-branding could have been invested into something more profitable.


#2 Interviews:

Conduct an interview with people who will be willing to give you insights into the questions discussed in (this article). Such people may include; Your existing customers, old customers, as well as people you suspect might be your customer.

Doing this will be accurate and help you to truly know your audience.


#3 Digital Channel Analytics:

Virtually all digital channels have analytics in them, which can enable you to study what is happening on your website. Google Analytics, for instance, can show your the following details:

  • Demographics Overview
  • Age range to target
  • Gender with the most and least conversion
  • Age/ Gender and Interests
  • Device /network
  • Location
  • New / Regular users
  • Keywords and pages the user interacts with
  • Source of the user

In some cases, you can get real-time data such as the actions performed by the user while online. Eg scrolls, clicks, etc.

Hence, studying your analytics can help you know who you are targeting. Is it different from the audience in your sales data? Or perhaps your survey forms say otherwise. Then you can reposition your brand appropriately.


#4 Customer Reviews/ Feedback:

Here is another inexpensive way to get information from your audience. From your reviews, you can get the following information.

  • Who they are
  • Their interests
  • Expectations
  • Frustrations
  • The reason they have decided to be loyal to you.

On a final note, remember the purpose of this is to know who your ideal customers are, where to find them, and the appropriate content to provide for them at each stage of the Buyer’s journey. This, therefore, implies that you need to avoid making decisions based on guesses as much as possible.

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FASHION BUSINESS |How To Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

FASHION BUSINESS |How To Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

 Who Is Your Ideal Customer ?


Your Ideal Customer avatar also known as a customer persona is simply a representation of your potential client . Knowing your ideal customer will help better understand how to communicate with them. Thus, enabling you to create a Fashion line that is tailored to solve their needs. Whether what they need is comfort clothing , or a corporate lady look .

Perhaps they just want to identify with you as a luxury brand. Whatever the case is, a complete customer profile helps you create a personalized service.

How Detailed Should a Bio Persona Be?

It should be as detailed as possible. It’s not enough to say your customer avatar is a married woman that wants to look sweet sixteen. I mean that’s part of it, but not all!

It should be as detailed as giving your customer avatar a name, identifying the demographic details, interests, behaviour, location, e. t. c

How Do You Create  Buyer Persona?

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Digital Channel Analytics
  • Sales Data
  • Customer Reviews
  • Feedbacks 

Your customer Avatar can be more than , depending on how big your brand is, thus understanding your customers will help with segmentation and personalization.

Which then leads to the Importance of Creating a Customer Avatar 

  • Creating a bio persona helps you not only to sell your clothes to the right people, it also helps you sell the right experience and feelings. You communicate your value proposition better.
  • It makes you understand the appropriate content to create on your social media platforms.
  • A customer Avatar also gives you insight into your Buyer’s journey, i . e what buying stage are they?
  • It makes you understand the audience you create during your Facebook ads, google ads, e. t. c
  • Having an appropriate audience will make it easier to create a look-alike audience, thus more brand awareness.
Ideal Customer Avatar

CREATING A BUYER PERSONA- Information to Include;


  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • Family life-style
  • Annual Income range
  • Education

Professional Role

You want to understand the industry your buyer persona works in . For instance, if your customer is a fresh graduate , working in a consulting firm, and her current pain-points are getting affordable professional  clothing then you shouldn’t be marketing a lounge wear to her at that stage.

Goals and Values

A good understanding of your customer’s personalities and attitudes will help your targeting better align with their world. Psychographics helps you get more personal and enables you to sell more than a piece of clothing. Rather, you sell an emotion with it.

  • What does Mary think about sustainable Fashion?
  • Is she a detailed oriented person?
  • What are her career goals?
  • What professional goals does she have?

Pain Points

  • What challenges does she face while shopping online?
  • Does she have fit issues?
  • How often would she love to shop in a month?
  • What are her concerns in life?
create a customer persona

Social Influence/ Information 

Consider doing research on what type of information your client is interested in. Where and how it is sourced.

  • Topics of interest 
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Favorite blogs
  • Conferences she attends.
  • Types of newsletters and magazines she loves to read.  


Purchasing Decision

  • How often would she like to change her wardrobe?
  • What objections does she have when deciding to make a purchase?
  • Is she interested in a monthly package?

ther Factors may include the following; 

  • How they spend their free time
  • How does the season of the year affect the purchasing power?
  • Would they love to be featured on your page? 

In Conclusion,

Never assume you know your customers enough , ensure you do your research , collect as much data as possible rather than a guess work.

With a good grasp of these details, you can take it further by giving your customer avatar a name and even a face. Create your customer avatar in such a way that it is easy for you and your team to understand.

Enjoyed reading this article? How well do you know your customer? Share with us in the comment section. 

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How Can Digital Pattern Making Transform Your Business?

Did you read my last post? If you didn’t, click HERE to read it. This post is a sequel to BNM #16. I had the privilege of hosting Tochukwu Chukwuma, Creative Director of Toyadinma. My first interaction with 3D was with Tochukwu in the most unlikely places.

I had asked her about what she would like to discuss at the webinar, and these were her words:

‘I like discussing Fashion as a tool to empower not only people but a nation. The capacity that lies within us when we are not only consumers but creators. We tear things apart and discover how things work and how to apply them.

I believe this is what technology does for us. It has opened possibilities to us. It helps us think in detail and in larger scales. Most importantly it enables us to work efficiently, effectively, and be more productive in our process of garment production starting from the idea to sketch, textile sourcing and manufacturing, through sampling, laying, cutting, finishing using technology. 

The full cycle of the creation of a garment is fully revolutionized in a new way by infusing tech. The time is now for us all to start looking within at our workflow and explore better, effective, and efficient methods through tech in fashion.’


I totally agree that now is the time for you as a Fashion Business Owner to leverage technology to enhance your business.

Click the video below to listen to our discussion on how you can adopt 3D pattern drafting and what it can do for your business

In addition to what was discussed in the webinar, here are some applications you can explore .


In Conclusion

Digital Pattern making can give better control of your production process, you can see the overall look of the design in real-time. You can decide to have a digital runway for your next release, create custom-made avatars.

There speculations in the industry that digital fashion might overtake fast- fashion. If that eventually happens, you definitely want to be among the brands making waves right? 

Did you enjoy reading this article? , share your thoughts on digital pattern making with us in the comment section.

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