Think Global Act Local with Mai Atafo

Think Global Act Local with Mai Atafo

I remember the first time I ‘officially’ got paid in dollars. It was a sale of the Origami Patternmaking Online Course from a lady in South America. I honestly cannot explain what the feeling was like.

Here I was, in Lagos, doing my thing appealing to a global audience that I was not actively marketing to.

And that is how I have always operated. I have always applied global methods customized to the Nigerian environment.

And who better to talk about this than Mai Atafo @maiatafo of @atafo.official !

Mai needs no introduction! He is pretty much a household name in the Fashion Industry. The designer to the celebrities whose works have been recognized beyond the shores of Nigeria. And he operates from Nigeria!

It is, therefore, my pleasure to invite him on Thursday 15 July 2021 on our Live Webinar on the topic Think Global, Act Local. How to Evolve & Grow Your Fashion Business.

Time is 8pm (WAT) | 3pm EST LIVE on Instagram on the Martwayne Instagram Handle.

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Why You Need To Delegate Work Effectively In Your Business


“Only I can do it” “No employee can do it better!” Made these statements before? News flash……You will burn out! Yes, I said it! You need to see why it is necessary to effectively delegate tasks to your employees.

If you can’t set a structure for your business such that it can run smoothly in your absence, then here is a wake-up call! This article can help you plan your week ahead.

Honestly, I used to have that notion as well. I felt I was some sort of wonder woman. Until reality struck and I literally broke down due to stress.

Think of it this way, are you making money so you can live the kind of life you deserve or you just want to make money so you can keep spending it on medications?

Click the video to listen and then carefully analyze how you have been running your business.


What differences would you start making at work?

You do not need to break down before you make adjustments and that’s why I am here to tell you why and how to delegate tasks in your business.

So if you are ready to face the fact, trust people and accept that they can do it even better than you.

And by so doing, you are giving them an opportunity to learn and get better. In turn, you can channel your time to other aspects of the business such as planning, networking, strategizing, and so on.

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What Is Your Role During The Consideration Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey?

A thorough understanding of the buyer’s journey is an essential part of inbound marketing. You should, however, know the right content to create for your customers since the aim of inbound marketing is to draw potential customers to your digital channels. 


A Buyer’s journey is the path taken by a potential customer on

his/her way to purchase a product.

The paths taken by your potential customer are somewhat similar to building a relationship. It certainly would look awkward if a guy brings a wedding ring to a first date right? He probably has to build some sort of friendship, spend some quality time with her better before proposing.

“It’s similar to building a relationship with your target market so you can know when they are ready to buy your stuff. You make them aware , trust and then see you as an authority”

To create quality content for your customers, you need to know who they are, what problem they have, what you can do, and how you can help. And that is where the concept of The Buyer’s Journey comes. Before a customer decides to purchase a product, he/ she would have gone through some thought processes . Remember your customer is not just buying for the sake of buying , rather to solve a problem.


The Buyer's journey is like building a relationship

At each of these stages, what your potential customer is searching the web for is different. But by understanding this path, you can position your product to them appropriately.


Take, for instance, Stephanie loves to sew clothes but she does not seem to get it right. She’s not even sure of what name to describe the problem, but she sure knows she has some challenges.

“My clothes do not fit after sewing, I don’t even know what I am doing wrong “

At this stage, Stephanie knows she has a problem with her sewing but not sure of what it is, so at this stage, she is most likely doing research on sewing mistakes beginners make,  why am I making mistakes in my sewing projects? e.t.c

This stage is the awareness stage, she is simply looking for informational resources to understand the challenge and possibly give a name to it. This is not the point to sell your fashion school to her or the sewing tools you sell. Rather, you make her understand what the problem is using different resources.

These resources might be in form of 

  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Checklists
  • Cheat sheets
  • How to videos


The customer has given a name to the problem and is looking for approaches to solve them. The knowledge from the awareness stage can help them narrow their search to specific keywords, products, and companies that can help solve their problems. This is where you leverage search engine  optimization , digital ads ,a good product copy and most likely get their contact to exchange for the resources you are providing.


Stephanie for instance could search for ;

Online sewing techniques for the perfect finishing 

Best Fashion School in Lagos .Here, she has identified the problem, the name, and the solution.

And you can provide them with;

  • Case- Studies
  • Reviews
  • Webinars
  • Templates
  • Frequently Asked Questions


At this stage of the buyer’s journey, the customer research is narrowing down the list of possible products, vendors, comparing pricing, benefits, etc. Now Stephanie is aware of you, trusts you and then knows you have authority in the filed.

She is more informed and you can offer her;

  • Free trials
  • Free Consultations 
  • Or even an attractive discount.

And then she will see “Why  your sewing class better and the benefits she will get” 


Bottom line,  you need to understand the exact stage your client is, otherwise, you will be trying to close a deal with a client that does not even know what problem she has. Never assume they know what they want, have an intimate understanding, and deliver the right value at the right time. 

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A new Monday approaches, you feel stressed out because you’re not prepared at all. At the end of the week, you feel frustrated because you couldn’t accomplish much. Can you relate?

During any given time, you will likely have a lot on your plate, especially as a business owner. And it’s easy to get so overwhelmed and bogged down that you’re not sure where to start. You may miss deadlines, send out items for delivery late and mess things up. And listen: It’s OK to make mistakes. We’re all human.

But, honestly, a lot of times, situations like that can be avoided by doing one very simple thing: planning out your week ahead of time rather than winging it. 

Why I need to plan my week as business owner

Why you should plan your week


Simply put, as a business owner, planning your week in advance helps you block out time for the most important and urgent things in your business, and personal life. We cannot discuss planning your week without talking about time management.

You can lose money and may or may not get it back, but when you lose time, there really is no option, it is gone and gone for good.

I do not dispute the fact that we are humans , so sometimes things might not go exactly how we have planned . Hence, the reason to be give room for unforeseen circumstances . The more reason we should delve into time management a bit. To plan your week appropriately, you need to be able to place your activities in either of these 4 quadrants, this will help you prioritize while creating your to-do-list. I will explain better later in this article.

time management for a fashion entrepreneur

How To Plan Your Week

  • Know your goal ahead of time.
  • Identify what is urgent or important
  • Create a To-do-list
  • Be realistic with time.
  • Be disciplined and committed to following it (there is always a sense of fulfillment when you thick that box!!!)

Okay back to our Time Management Quadrant. So it’s very easy for us as business owners, in fact, humans generally, to spend the bulk of our time in quadrants 1 and 3, but then this will not do us any good.

The quadrant that should make the most of our time should be quadrant 2. The planning, development stage. (pssst…” he more time we spend here, then the less tendency for us to spend more time in quadrant 1”

planning important tasks ahead in your business

The examples listed above are important but not urgent, but if you do not spend time on them, then they will result in being urgent and important as seen below.

Plan your week to avoid having urgent tasks


Here is a list of some applications that can help you create a To-do list


Plan your entire week ahead of time, from clothing to meetings and activities. Have a to-do list for everything! Do this, and you’ll be more productive, settled, and in a better place mentally. I agree it is not easy but I have been adopting this and trust me, ticking off that to-do list does wonders for you!

Do you plan your week ahead of time? Has it been helpful? Share with us in the comment section.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur – Free PDF

7 Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur – Free PDF

I was excited to join the world of Entrepreneurship. I had quit my job, gone to fashion school and like every other creative, I was determined to turn my passion to profit. But nothing prepared me for the real world of business! ⁣

⁣In no time, I was frustrated! I cried my eyes out running a business that left me constantly under pressure. I was out of cash and literally spent all I earned on the business with nothing to show for it. It was a real rat race! ⁣

One thing I can tell you, entrepreneurship is not easy! You have to keep working at it and slowly things will make sense.⁣ Although it can be an 'exciting' journey (because frankly I could do without that excitement) but it can also be a long and lonely journey. You pretty much lose track of everything in a bid to make things work. You are so consumed with the business that you spend less time with friends, family and you become a shadow of yourself - if you allow yourself to!

A lot of the things I learnt the hard way, I wish someone warned me about it. Nothing you learn in school prepares you for the real thing.

So this is me taking a trip down memory lane. I have made TONS of mistakes that if I had to write them all, I would fill an encyclopaedia so it was tough to pick these 7 but here they are. It's a really short read - just 1 page per mistake!

Here's hoping you will learn from my experience and avoid making the same mistakes I made.⁣

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About Me

Tope Williams Adewunmi Martwayne

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A fashion entrepreneur passionate about helping people turn their passion to profit.  Check out the home page for more of our business tools, online and offline fashion courses and PDF books. 

How to Pay Yourself a Salary as a Small Business Owner & NOT Feel Guilty About It!

How to Pay Yourself a Salary as a Small Business Owner & NOT Feel Guilty About It!

Image from
I thought this picture was hilarious when I saw it.  But the reality for many of us business owners is not that funny.  Many of us are struggling to keep the business afloat that the last thing on our minds is getting paid at the end of the month!  
I personally dread month-ends – and I am sure every business owner does to.  In fact this is the only time I wish I was still working for obvious reasons.  That is when your bank account that you have struggled to build up during the month takes the hardest hit!  Can be pretty destabilizing.  And the worst thing is, it has to happen every month! ;-(  
And like there is nothing even more worse than the worst thing, YOU – the person who does most of the work does not get paid!  🙁 🙁 🙁
And even more worse than what is worse than the worst thing – you get accused by so-called business-people of dipping into the business funds to try and maintain your basic needs.  Yes can be quite frustrating right?!
NOW!  Don’t get me wrong…

Image from
Many small business owners are guilty of that because many lack discipline.  Many fail to distinguish between personal funds and business funds.  Heck!  In fact many do not even have corporate bank accounts and those who do are not disciplined enough to ensure every inflow goes straight to the bank account.  No wonder at the end of the month, you have have no idea where all the money you made went to.
Anywayz… the time to pay salaries is coming up soon enough and yet again business owners will shortchange ourselves yet again.  Many have asked me this question and I have posted it in a Facebook group once so I thought I should post something on how to pay yourself a salary without feeling guilty at the end of the month.  
I have literally copied and pasted it (with of course some edits).  This worked for me in the early days and hopefully it will work for you as well. 
Image from
Here goes…
“On the personal / business finances, this is my take on it.

Many accuse business owners of dipping into the company’s purse but I can safely tell you it is the business that actually takes from you.
I put every dime I had into my business. If I wanted to be strict, I would say other sources should go to me directly not into my business. It does not work that way.  Those who say they never touched a dime probably had people footing other bills for them. 

This is what I tell people and my students who ask me for advice.

1. Every business income must go straight into the account. For that reason, I hardly take cash and ask people to pay directly into the account.

2. The truth is, you can never really pay yourself salary until you get to a point because you will only end up using it for a business expense.

3. Determine how much salary you think you deserve and then also give yourself a realistic nominal value based on what your business can afford. Eg. You are a CEO so maybe your salary should be n750k per month BUT your business can only afford N50k. That extra 700k should be recorded in the books as what your company is owing you which will help give a basis for the valuation of your business should you want to go limited and sell some shares.

4. With that 50k, you will probably still use some of it for the business so it is a tall order so this is what I do. 

I don’t spend much on myself so it is easy for me to track my finances. I have a book I record it in.

If I ask my assistant to get some petty cash for the office and say I ask him to buy me something to eat on the way back, I will record that expense as a personal one in my book. 

At the end of the month, I will compute all personal expenses and if it exceeds that 50k, I know next month, I must take out that extra.  Simply put, if I have overspent by say 20k the previous month, this means I can only do say 30k personal expense this month and vice versa. If I have not spent up to 50k, it means the office owes me but rather than take it as cash, I add to that 700k.

It takes a lot of discipline but it does work. That way you do not feel guilty when your salary pays for a sausage roll or a movie ticket. After all, why am I working if the business cannot meet my needs.

I am not talking about 250k Gucci bag needs o. I used to be a Jewellery person before but I don’t do much Jewellery anymore because I am running a lean means approach to everything. 

If I need something that I cannot afford, I ask for it. I will pray about it and put it on social media and funny enough, a friend obliges. That’s how I got my iPad mini as a wedding gift and so many other things I use in my business – things I would not have bought for myself.  I am never shy to ask if I need something.  Worst case scenario, I will get a NO.  

But I am allowed to enjoy the fruits of my hard labour. I feel if your business cannot meet your basic personal needs, then you are not running a business!”
That is what works for me!  Remember, DISCIPLINE is key!  You MUST go around with a pen and paper ALL THE TIME and do not say, oh I will update it later.  When you withdraw from the ATM, write it down in the book and state what exactly you use it for real time.  Whilst buying petrol, write it in.  Whilst on the bus, write it in.  You will be better off for it.
You can get something this small that costs N300 or so.  It needs to be small enough so it does not weigh down your bag.
And each page must have: Date / Description / Amount.  If yours is big enough, you can add vendor (i.e. who you gave the money to).  NOTE that this does not replace your company’s expense register.  You should reconcile this with the company’s.  I include both corporate and personal expenses in this one and do a reconciliation when I can.
Okay!  I think I am done with this!  Please feel free to ask questions if you have any and I will be happy to help you out – preferably in the comments section below.  It would be great if you help others out with your questions so everyone learns from it.  I often find people asking me questions privately and I wish they could post it on the site instead.
Before I leave… I think you should read this piece I stumbled upon when looking for a picture… 
I thought it made a lot of sense.
Enjoy the rest of the month and wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! 😀  


Please whatever the case, don't forget to:

- engage an accountant to help you properly qualify these expenses in your financial accounts; and

- factor in the tax elements of these payments and remit when due. 

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