5 Tips to Prepare for & Live Your Dreams in 2017!

5 Tips to Prepare for & Live Your Dreams in 2017!

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Planning actually begins before 2017 hits not on the 1st.  I see that happen too often where everything shuts down and people wait till January 1st – like January 1st comes with some major changes or something.  But guess what I discovered over the years…
a.  The sun will still rise – the same way it rose all through the year;
b.  The sun will still set – the same way it set all through the year; and
c.  You will still be YOU!
Not a brand new You like you have always promised yourself you will become once the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of each year.  Not a different you!  Still the same fabulous YOU!  SO why must you wait till the 1st to live your dreams or do what you’ve always wanted to do?!  As my favorite quote goes…  
“You are the You that Makes You the You that You are!” 
Besides many people seem to have forgotten that 2017 is just next week!  So why waste another minute hoping to change this in the New Year when you can start NOW.  AND guess what?!  You still have (what today is 23rd right?!) 8 WHOLE DAYS to make things work before the New Year hits!

It has been a really tough year for a lot of us!  The economy, the crime rate, the lack of power, the people who have duped you (oh yes – I have been through it at least three times this year – the Wajus, the Oluokuns and the Johns of this world who were paid to do a job but never delivered) BUT despite all, I still somehow, managed to make it work.  And we are still trying to make it work!  NOW is the time to learn from past mistakes and have a concrete plan (well as concrete as can be) for the New Year.
So how do YOU make a plan for 2017?  Well… without sounding like a motivational speaker or anything – that’s not what this is about.  I am merely speaking to those who have asked me this particular question relating how to start off something in 2017!
This is what I’m doing so maybe it can work for you!
1.  Start with this: – your desires!  As this image says, it shapes your vision.  
What do you hope to achieve in the near future?!  Not 2017!  Think about yourself NOW.  What do you wish you were doing?  What have you always wanted to do?!  Remember, we still have 9 days to make it work!  Is it to learn fashion?  Is it to start a business?  Is it to leave your job or that abusive relationship – be it work, spouse or friend.  Be specific!  
Because it didn’t happen before now shouldn’t depress you.  2 projects that I was working on that looked so bleak earlier in the Year suddenly all came together in the last week or 2!  Imagine if I had told myself “oh nothing happens in December, I’ll wait till 2017”, I would not have made those huge milestones.  And 9 days is just a few days short of 2 weeks!  Plenty of time to still make things happen!
2.  Pick Your Catchphrase for the Year NOW!
You don’t have to wait till 31st December crossover service or wait till what the church tells you your phrase for the year should be.  That’s living in a Fool’s Paradise in my opinion.  Those things are too general in nature.  Pick yours NOW based on No. 1 and stick to it!  I already have mine and I bet you’re dying to know what it is!  Haha!  
Well, I’ll tell you!  Actually, I have 2 (whoever said I had to have 1) but I’ll share just 1!  
2017 is my “Year of Praise & Thanksgiving” 
It might seem very abstract to you but it makes too much sense to me and it ties in directly into No 1!  I already know the exact things I want to achieve so all it takes for me is to work towards it. 
And based on that, I did No 3!
3.  Changed my phone’s ringtone! 
Haha!  What better way to create a “neural pathway” (a la Pastor Poju’s favorite term) of your vision than to listen to it every single time!  It gets imprinted in your memory!
Praise comes when you hit a milestone or when you WIN!  So based on my specific goals for 2017, I plan to WIN at each of them.  Of course, it takes a lot of prayers but I know God has my back so… I just have to do my part.
Truth be told, changing my ringtone happened by accident but that’s just the way God works right?!  But remember it all stemmed from 1.  
So I went for a wedding, [fab wedding by the way] and the DJ kept playing only the intro of one of my FAVOURITE SONGS of all time – “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khalid & Ludacris 
As I was leaving, and I was already at the gate, he played the intro again.  Excited, I literally ran back into the hall thinking he would finally play the whole song but alas, he broke my heart.  There and then, I had my Eureka moment!  Why not make it my ringtone also because it tied perfectly into my upcoming goals!   
And that was how I spent 3 PAINFULLY LONG HOURS till like 3am in the morning trying to figure out how to make it my ringtone!  I finally aced it!
So now, anytime people call me, it simply reinforces my goal to WIN every single time!  And when you win, you have no choice but to praise and give thanks to He who made  it happen.  
So my advice to you is to find something that will continue to reinforce your own specific catchphrase for the year!  It could be a typed one-liner or quote or something someone said that you will have no choice but to see or read wherever you go!  It could be a welcome message on your phone or laptop screen or even a typed piece of paper on your ceiling.  It will help to reinforce that vision!
4.  Use this break to study!
It’s called research!  By now, you should know what exactly you want to achieve so asking the right questions should not really be an issue.  Now you need to find out everything you need to know about how to actualize that vision.  It doesn’t have to be like some serious jacking or anything or making an “outright effort”.  That will bore you out soon enough.  
An easy way to do this is to simply take your phone and run a quick search on your specific vision or goal on Google.  Click on one or two of those links.  What you have just done is store whatever your vision or goal is on your phone.  Chances are the next time you visit Facebook or Instagram, a lot of content about what you searched for will jump out at you!  They will literally stalk you! And the best part is, most of that content is free!   
Also read through… okay actually “scan through” people’s broadcasts and emails that manage to pop into your box.  I know it can be annoying but you just might find some hidden gem of information in there somewhere.  I always scan through every broadcast I receive and have learnt over time how to sift between the serious ones and the unserious ones.  If it is not relevant, I just move on!  Besides, some broadcasts even force you to do research and you learn even more from there.  You will also find that someone right there on your contact list may have the information you have been searching for for ages!
5.  Share Your Vision with Everyone and Don’t be Afraid to Collaborate! 
The whole “what if they steal my idea is sooooooooo old-school”!  If you have done No.s 1 – 4, you will eventually discover that people with like minds will suddenly begin to gravitate towards you!  That’s just the way it works!  It has happened to me several times.     I guess that’s what the book, “The Secret” was talking about, though to be honest, I haven’t read it.  But I do know what my Bible says in Isaiah 55: 11:
“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: 
it shall not return unto me void, 
but it shall accomplish that which I please, 
and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” 
When you live, eat and breathe your vision and talk about it every single minute, it reaffirms the vision!  And you even begin to believe it, even when the evidence on the outside contradicts your vision!  Trust me, you will be shocked when things begin to fall into place. 
And look for partners that can help you achieve that vision – even if it means collaborating with them.  Look.. money is tough to come by these days, so if you want to make it work without money stopping you, then find like minds to work with.  I am BIG on collaboration!  Why be a lone ranger when you can be part of something bigger and greater?!  There is strength in numbers so work with people and you all can own part of something than all of nothing!
And I am speaking from my own direct experience.  The projects that somehow suddenly tool shape out of nowhere, trust me when I tell you that I had no clue how it was going to materialize.  I kept telling people categorically that I would do it without having a clue how it would happen.  But now, I can safely say my willingness to collaborate with 2 of my students has moved us from 0% to 65% in just 2 weeks!  And there is no stopping us by God’s grace!  So don’t feel the need to do it on your own.  Put aside your egos and fears and find people to work with.  What’s the worst that can happen?  It does not work out and everyone goes their separate ways. Dasall!
And FINALLY… I know I said 5 tips but I’ll throw in a freebie!  
It will never be perfect!  You just have to continue tweaking it as you go along!  But what is important if of you to just do it!  Don’t overplan.  A time comes when you just let go and and let God.  Call into existence those things which do not exist as though they did (Romans 4: 17b).  Remember your words will never return to you void if you truly believe in it.  And take action!  No matter how little!  
Remember, the only thing that’s worse than fear is the REGRET you will feel knowing another year – not even year – another DAY has passed you by, a day you will NEVER get back!
Left Image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d1/20/1f/d1201f8f0e713a96e93d8ded840b0891.jpg
Right Image: http://www.courtneyluv.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/quotes-about-your-vision.jpeg  
Simply start from No 1 and you’ll be fine!
I’ll leave you with this AMAZING Quote from one of my MOST FAVOURITE PEOPLE of all time who wrote a book with one of the best titles a book can ever have ” The Audacity of Hope” – which…oh… I also haven’t read by the way… 😀


Have a FAB day ahead and enjoy the looooooong weekend ahead!  
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Oh PS!
I have not forgotten the audio series or podcasts.  Keeping my fingers crossed it goes live sooner than later! It is work in progress!
What happened to your dream of becoming a fashion designer?

What happened to your dream of becoming a fashion designer?

Yes!  What happened to that dream?!  Year in year out we hear the same old story…. don’t worry in the New Year I will definitely pursue it.  Come first January, you get all gingered up!  Yes this time I’ll do it!  Then half way through the year, the excuses have piled up simply because of the FEAR that is deep within you.  This time next year, you will still tell the same story.  Aren’t you exhausted already?!  Imagine what will happens 10 years down the line when you are filled with regret?!
I remember when I was planning to resign to go to fashion school.  Everyone supported me but a few said:
“why not wait to get married first?”
“why not wait to complete ICAN?”
“why not add more to your work experience?”
You know what went through my mind?!  As they were telling me those things, I had my own answers ready for them.



“what if I stay and I still don’t get married in 3 years?”
“what if they keep changing the syllabus and the time it takes to complete it gets longer?”
“well… I can always find work when I’m there or even when I’m back”
The truth is there will never be a right time to get things done.  You just have to take the bull by the horn.  I know my sister was worried things would have changed in 3 years.  3 years sounded sooooo long to her to leave and return to expect things to remain the way they were.  
But guess what?!  I have gone and come back – it’s all done and dusted now!  In fact fashion school is now but a memory after all I left in 2009!  Almost 7 years ago now!  And all the “why not”s now seem so irrelevant now.  
–  I am now married;
–  Ok granted I didn’t finish ICAN but what the heck! I can always pay an accountant to get the job done for me; and if I even really feel like doing it, I can start again or even choose to do ACCA now but like my sister told me, what do you need it for?!
–  Please the experience I have in running a business is on another level!  Gosh who would ever have thought right?!
So really those stories will remain stories till you do something about it!  And with the way the economy is going with people getting laid off…  you really don’t want to wake up tomorrow to get a termination letter or SMS with no Plan B – especially if you have a family to feed!  It is time to plan ahead while the going is good!
And that is why NOW is as good a time as any to stop procrastination in its tracks!
Why Haven’t You Pursued Your Dream of Becoming a Fashion Designer? Bella Naija Article 1

Why Haven’t You Pursued Your Dream of Becoming a Fashion Designer? Bella Naija Article 1


Haha!  I told you I was on a role this July! 😀  I had been putting this off FOR AGES!  Yes I know… I really am bad at procrastinating!  But lately the nudging got so bad that I just decided one night to just go for it!  And I did! 😀

And I already have comments :-D… which are always the best part of writing an article! Just check them out! 😀

Amazing right?!  This is the BEST feeling right?!  The best part about people leaving comments on your article is the fact that the feedback you get makes you know that what you are doing is actually making an impact on people.  Nothing better than knowing you are speaking to people and they are responding to you!  

I hardly ever get comments on my articles on this blog so sometimes I’m never really inspired to write because I don’t even know if people are reading what I am writing about.  So when I even feel like writing, I’m just like “argh… what’s the point… I’m not even sure if people are reading this”.

So please people!  Encourage a sister by actually posting your responses on the blog not buzzing me up privately on Blackberry or WhatsApp.  Let people out there also know that they are not the only ones out there with the issue and let me feel encouraged so I can write more!  I always have lots to share and would love to share them with you! 😀  I tell you, this is what I love most about what I do – helping people out and adding value!

Great!  So here is the article below.  I copied and pasted it from the original post!  Looking forward to reading your comments too. 😀  

Ok… so you have always wanted to become a fashion designer…for any of the following reasons:
  • You have always loved sketching clothes as soon as you were able to hold a pencil;
  • You used to make clothes for your dolls;
  • You know you have the talent and everyone knows that – they even come to you when they need styles for their aso-ebi; … or the one I get often…
  • You were just tired of your tailor and you knew you could do better. It’s the classic tale of ‘I tell her one thing and she churns out something else and we keep going back and forth!’ (This was my story…)

You know it. Everyone knows it. You just have to become a fashion designer! You have the gift, you have the talent and you know you will make a lot of money from it. And you keep promising yourself that next year you will definitely take this up!
December comes and you write your goals for the coming year, and top of of the list?! “Finally pursue this dream of mine!” The new year hits and you are all fired up! Google becomes your best friend. You start your research “How to Become a Fashion Designer”, you start making calls and you even visit some fashion schools because you want to learn how to sew.
And then the holidays are over and reality hits. Work or school begins and the momentum you built over the holidays starts slowing down. Before you know it, the excuses start pouring in. You begin to convince yourself that “now is not the right time”. Why? You tell yourself…
• I have an extremely busy schedule and simply cannot create the time!
• Won’t people think I’m crazy?! Leaving a good job for fashion?!
• I have a family to feed, how much money can I possibly make from fashion;
• I think I am too old and don’t even know how or where to start from;
• I don’t have the money so let me work some more to gather more funds;
• The good fashion schools are too far and I cannot give up my weekends;
• I cannot get distracted now, I am at a crucial point in my life;
• I’m about to get that promotion so now is not a good time to leave.
• I cannot do this, what if I fail?!
And the excuses keep piling up. And yes, these are good and valid points which make all the sense in the world… or are they?! Maybe… just maybe these excuses are just a cover for the real reason you have refused to make that move – FEAR! And worse, you have refused to admit it to yourself!
Yes we all face these fears.
• Fear of failure;
• Fear of the unknown;
• Fear that people will laugh at you;
• Fear that people won’t like your work;
• Fear that you are too old;… I can go on and on…
I can, however, assure you that there is one thing wayyyyyy worse than fear and that is the regret you feel years down the line when the world has moved on and you are still stuck in the same space. You think you have missed that opportunity (emphasis on the word “think”) and bitterness sets in. You blame everything and everyone around you, including yourself (if you have the guts to blame yourself), for missing that opportunity.
But guess what? It is never too late to make the move. So what if you fail? Big deal. You try again or worse, you backtrack and go back to your job or get another job – you will not be the first to do so. But at least there is that satisfaction you get knowing that you scratched that itch and bled in the process; knowing that you discovered after trying it out that it was not for you. At least, now you know.
But then again, you really do not need to dive into the ocean and give everything up in a flash! Baby steps they call it. Test the waters first. Use your spare time (and yes everyone has some spare time no matter how busy they are) and start something on the side no matter how little. Could be selling your sketches to designers or even your colleagues who need fabulous styles for Asoebi Bella, working with your tailor to bring your sketches to life and selling them to colleagues or even learning how to sew. The best thing is your market is all around you! Everyone loves a fashion designer because everyone must wear clothes! Do that until you build that confidence to take the full plunge!
Oh… and one more thing… try not to give in to procrastination! Yes it is difficult and I, for one, am extremely guilty of it! Take this article for example. I have been meaning to write about this for ages and this is what?! July already! I just kept postponing until I said to myself just now “Argh! You know what?! Just do this now!” And it is exactly 2.18am!
And that is literally all it takes! For you to say to yourself “Argh! I’m doing this now!” Not tomorrow, not when I get home, NOW!
So there you have it! I’ve made my move! How about you?! Tell us why you have not yet made that move into the fashion industry!

OH!  P.S!!!

Don’t forget our fashion courses coming up soon!  I will keep hammering on these till the start dates!  Just click on the home page to see more and I am working on the other posts for the other Courses but here is a list of the Courses 😀

–  Beginners Course (a sewing course) – registration on-going

–  Bodices & Dressmaking Course (a sewing course for those who can already sew) – registration on-going

–  Short Course in Corsetry – 17 June

–  Pattern-Making & Grading with Computer-Aided Design – 27 June

–  Design, Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design – 15th & 18th July – both weekend and weekday options available

– Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 9-16) – 1st – 25th August

–  Short Course in Childrenswear – 22nd August

Yes we have great courses coming up.  Watch out for the posts or contact us on 0818 395 8856, WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075 or on Blackberry D8E9802C or email updates@martwayne.com for more details.
Great!  Enjoy the article and see you on these dates!

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