Who Is Your Ideal Customer ?


Your Ideal Customer avatar also known as a customer persona is simply a representation of your potential client . Knowing your ideal customer will help better understand how to communicate with them. Thus, enabling you to create a Fashion line that is tailored to solve their needs. Whether what they need is comfort clothing , or a corporate lady look .

Perhaps they just want to identify with you as a luxury brand. Whatever the case is, a complete customer profile helps you create a personalized service.

How Detailed Should a Bio Persona Be?

It should be as detailed as possible. It’s not enough to say your customer avatar is a married woman that wants to look sweet sixteen. I mean that’s part of it, but not all!

It should be as detailed as giving your customer avatar a name, identifying the demographic details, interests, behaviour, location, e. t. c

How Do You Create  Buyer Persona?

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Digital Channel Analytics
  • Sales Data
  • Customer Reviews
  • Feedbacks 

Your customer Avatar can be more than , depending on how big your brand is, thus understanding your customers will help with segmentation and personalization.

Which then leads to the Importance of Creating a Customer Avatar 

  • Creating a bio persona helps you not only to sell your clothes to the right people, it also helps you sell the right experience and feelings. You communicate your value proposition better.
  • It makes you understand the appropriate content to create on your social media platforms.
  • A customer Avatar also gives you insight into your Buyer’s journey, i . e what buying stage are they?
  • It makes you understand the audience you create during your Facebook ads, google ads, e. t. c
  • Having an appropriate audience will make it easier to create a look-alike audience, thus more brand awareness.
Ideal Customer Avatar

CREATING A BUYER PERSONA- Information to Include;


  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • Family life-style
  • Annual Income range
  • Education

Professional Role

You want to understand the industry your buyer persona works in . For instance, if your customer is a fresh graduate , working in a consulting firm, and her current pain-points are getting affordable professional  clothing then you shouldn’t be marketing a lounge wear to her at that stage.

Goals and Values

A good understanding of your customer’s personalities and attitudes will help your targeting better align with their world. Psychographics helps you get more personal and enables you to sell more than a piece of clothing. Rather, you sell an emotion with it.

  • What does Mary think about sustainable Fashion?
  • Is she a detailed oriented person?
  • What are her career goals?
  • What professional goals does she have?

Pain Points

  • What challenges does she face while shopping online?
  • Does she have fit issues?
  • How often would she love to shop in a month?
  • What are her concerns in life?
create a customer persona

Social Influence/ Information 

Consider doing research on what type of information your client is interested in. Where and how it is sourced.

  • Topics of interest 
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Favorite blogs
  • Conferences she attends.
  • Types of newsletters and magazines she loves to read.  


Purchasing Decision

  • How often would she like to change her wardrobe?
  • What objections does she have when deciding to make a purchase?
  • Is she interested in a monthly package?

ther Factors may include the following; 

  • How they spend their free time
  • How does the season of the year affect the purchasing power?
  • Would they love to be featured on your page? 

In Conclusion,

Never assume you know your customers enough , ensure you do your research , collect as much data as possible rather than a guess work.

With a good grasp of these details, you can take it further by giving your customer avatar a name and even a face. Create your customer avatar in such a way that it is easy for you and your team to understand.

Enjoyed reading this article? How well do you know your customer? Share with us in the comment section. 

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