How Do You Effectively Articulate The Value Of Your Product?


Have you ever wondered why people say “Sell the Value, Not the Product”

Well, that’s because building a brand is about selling value to your customer, not the products or services. However, you also need to know how to effectively articulate the value of your products to your customer.

 People come to my inbox and lament about how they are not selling. I visit their pages and tell them instantly, I don’t know what you are selling>>>>>>



Before I go further, Click the podcast below to listen to how tips that will help you effectively craft and articulate the value of your products.

<<<<<<So back to our discussion.

So yes, you make clothes. I can see that. And yes they are nice. I can also see that. It might seem obvious to you but not to anyone else, so you need to clearly understand and articulate what you are offering to make me part with my hard-earned money.

Your business must have a promise to fulfill each time a sale is made. It could be in the form of an experience, a story you are telling. Perhaps it’s even a particular feeling.

Do you want your customers to feel happy, confident, or sustainability-conscious when they buy your product?

Then sell that to them! Be consistent in your brand message, sales copy, website, and newsletters.

Read this article for more on writing a good product description.

Never assume your customers know, rather let every piece of content you share tell your Brand story effectively.

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