What Are The Strategies To Increase

Online Sales?

Have you read my previous article on 10 strategies to increase online sales? If you haven’t, then HERE is the link .  In today’s article, I have discussed 5 more strategies that can boost your online sales.



6. Influencer Marketing


Another Strategy to increase your online sales is collaborating with an influencer.

You have to realize that people no longer depend or trust TV ads, more so , not every fashion brand can afford that. Consumers want a form of proof that can make them trust your brand . Hence the more reason you need to pick the right influencer.  

The right influencer communicates with the right crowd . 

Some influencers get money or your products in return for their services. Yeah it might seem like an expensive investment, trust me , it pays off when done correctly.


7. Target Look-alike Audience On Facebook Ads


This is actually one of my favorite strategies. I find it really fascinating and more importantly, yields tremendous results.

Facebook ads for boosting online sales

Targeting look-alike audience on Facebook ads simply means Facebook can place your ads in front of Facebook users that are similar to the audience you have created on Facebook . Thus Facebook uses the data you already have to expand your reach.

You will agree with me that it is an inexpensive way to increase your brand awareness right? 

8. Attribution

As the word implies, attribution -Ascribe the right conversion to the appropriate digital channel. You need to study your conversion pathways in your Google Analytics, for instance, so as to actually know where your conversions and leads are generated from. Being able to identify what is working and what is not, will save you some money and time to invest in the appropriate channels.

Study Your Analytics to boost your online sales

9. Study Your Analytics


A major benefit of digital marketing in the fashion industry is the ability to measure the impact of the the digital channels used , just as discussed in Google analytics for instance can give you insights into the demographics of your customers, 

an average number of people that interact with your website, in fact, you can get data on real-time events, such as the pages the user is on, actions taken, time spent on each page, etc. Keeping an eye on your analytics can help you identify the most effective digital platforms.

In conclusion, before you implement any of the strategies above, ensure you have a clear goal. Are you working towards increasing your brand awareness or perhaps, you already have a large audience, you just want to get more sales . Either way, knowing exactly what you want will guide your contents, sales copy, ads, etc

Product review increase your sales

Never Under-Estimate Your Product Review


Today’s consumers’ place a lot of importance on social proofs from other customers. Perhaps even more than a sales copy and an ad from an influencer.

 Including feedback on your website, social media handles, online stores, product descriptions, and emails help build more trust amongst your customers, consequently increasing your sales.


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Three Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey

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What Is Your Role During The Consideration Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey?

A thorough understanding of the buyer’s journey is an essential part of inbound marketing. You should, however, know the right content to create for your customers since the aim of inbound marketing is to draw potential customers to your digital channels. 


A Buyer’s journey is the path taken by a potential customer on

his/her way to purchase a product.

The paths taken by your potential customer are somewhat similar to building a relationship. It certainly would look awkward if a guy brings a wedding ring to a first date right? He probably has to build some sort of friendship, spend some quality time with her better before proposing.

“It’s similar to building a relationship with your target market so you can know when they are ready to buy your stuff. You make them aware , trust and then see you as an authority”

To create quality content for your customers, you need to know who they are, what problem they have, what you can do, and how you can help. And that is where the concept of The Buyer’s Journey comes. Before a customer decides to purchase a product, he/ she would have gone through some thought processes . Remember your customer is not just buying for the sake of buying , rather to solve a problem.


The Buyer's journey is like building a relationship

At each of these stages, what your potential customer is searching the web for is different. But by understanding this path, you can position your product to them appropriately.


Take, for instance, Stephanie loves to sew clothes but she does not seem to get it right. She’s not even sure of what name to describe the problem, but she sure knows she has some challenges.

“My clothes do not fit after sewing, I don’t even know what I am doing wrong “

At this stage, Stephanie knows she has a problem with her sewing but not sure of what it is, so at this stage, she is most likely doing research on sewing mistakes beginners make,  why am I making mistakes in my sewing projects? e.t.c

This stage is the awareness stage, she is simply looking for informational resources to understand the challenge and possibly give a name to it. This is not the point to sell your fashion school to her or the sewing tools you sell. Rather, you make her understand what the problem is using different resources.

These resources might be in form of 

  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Checklists
  • Cheat sheets
  • How to videos


The customer has given a name to the problem and is looking for approaches to solve them. The knowledge from the awareness stage can help them narrow their search to specific keywords, products, and companies that can help solve their problems. This is where you leverage search engine  optimization , digital ads ,a good product copy and most likely get their contact to exchange for the resources you are providing.


Stephanie for instance could search for ;

Online sewing techniques for the perfect finishing 

Best Fashion School in Lagos .Here, she has identified the problem, the name, and the solution.

And you can provide them with;

  • Case- Studies
  • Reviews
  • Webinars
  • Templates
  • Frequently Asked Questions


At this stage of the buyer’s journey, the customer research is narrowing down the list of possible products, vendors, comparing pricing, benefits, etc. Now Stephanie is aware of you, trusts you and then knows you have authority in the filed.

She is more informed and you can offer her;

  • Free trials
  • Free Consultations 
  • Or even an attractive discount.

And then she will see “Why  your sewing class better and the benefits she will get” 


Bottom line,  you need to understand the exact stage your client is, otherwise, you will be trying to close a deal with a client that does not even know what problem she has. Never assume they know what they want, have an intimate understanding, and deliver the right value at the right time. 

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How Do I Increase My Sales Online?

Making a profit is one of  your primary goals as a business owner. Hence the need to decipher how to increase sales online.

With e-retail sales accounting for 14% of retail sales worldwide, which has been forecasted to increase to about 22% in 2023, we, therefore, have to come up with online strategies to boost sales as we all hope for a global speedy recovery.

According to The State Of Fashion in 2021 report, the Covid-19 pandemics has been said to step up the industry trends with shopping shifting to digital channels, and with more closure of brick and mortar stores. As a result, propelled fashion businesses to adopt digital marketing strategies to improve their presence and sales.


The State of online fashion retail

Beyond increasing online sales, adopting effective online sales strategies can also help businesses to increase their brand awareness and also track their sales trends in order to better understand consumer needs and deliver appropriately.

Thus, any fashion brand that intends to grow needs to be more customer-centric i.e has to have the needs of the consumer in the center of all decisions.

In episode 13 of Business nuggets by Martwayne, I had the pleasure of hosting Tobi Asehinde, the CEO and founder of Digital Marketing Skill Institute.  Who willingly shared invaluable strategies and insights into the way and how we must adopt online strategies to make more sales. 


Here are some of the highlights of what was discussed in this Webinar:


  1. You need to know the time it takes for a stranger to buy your product.
  2. Monitor your marketing channels (online and on-site) in order to appropriately attribute the source of a conversion.
  3. Have a clear picture of your target market, and the stage they are i.e awareness, consideration  or decision stage 
  4. Identify the content suitable for your customers at these buying stages .
  5. Research what your competitors are doing.
  6. Use retargeting to close more deals.
  7. Never be afraid of users unsubscribing from your mail list.
  8. Sell yourself, never assume people know what you do



    A new Monday approaches, you feel stressed out because you’re not prepared at all. At the end of the week, you feel frustrated because you couldn’t accomplish much. Can you relate?

    During any given time, you will likely have a lot on your plate, especially as a business owner. And it’s easy to get so overwhelmed and bogged down that you’re not sure where to start. You may miss deadlines, send out items for delivery late and mess things up. And listen: It’s OK to make mistakes. We’re all human.

    But, honestly, a lot of times, situations like that can be avoided by doing one very simple thing: planning out your week ahead of time rather than winging it. 

    Why I need to plan my week as business owner

    Why you should plan your week


    Simply put, as a business owner, planning your week in advance helps you block out time for the most important and urgent things in your business, and personal life. We cannot discuss planning your week without talking about time management.

    You can lose money and may or may not get it back, but when you lose time, there really is no option, it is gone and gone for good.

    I do not dispute the fact that we are humans , so sometimes things might not go exactly how we have planned . Hence, the reason to be give room for unforeseen circumstances . The more reason we should delve into time management a bit. To plan your week appropriately, you need to be able to place your activities in either of these 4 quadrants, this will help you prioritize while creating your to-do-list. I will explain better later in this article.

    time management for a fashion entrepreneur

    How To Plan Your Week

    • Know your goal ahead of time.
    • Identify what is urgent or important
    • Create a To-do-list
    • Be realistic with time.
    • Be disciplined and committed to following it (there is always a sense of fulfillment when you thick that box!!!)

    Okay back to our Time Management Quadrant. So it’s very easy for us as business owners, in fact, humans generally, to spend the bulk of our time in quadrants 1 and 3, but then this will not do us any good.

    The quadrant that should make the most of our time should be quadrant 2. The planning, development stage. (pssst…” he more time we spend here, then the less tendency for us to spend more time in quadrant 1”

    planning important tasks ahead in your business

    The examples listed above are important but not urgent, but if you do not spend time on them, then they will result in being urgent and important as seen below.

    Plan your week to avoid having urgent tasks


    Here is a list of some applications that can help you create a To-do list


    Plan your entire week ahead of time, from clothing to meetings and activities. Have a to-do list for everything! Do this, and you’ll be more productive, settled, and in a better place mentally. I agree it is not easy but I have been adopting this and trust me, ticking off that to-do list does wonders for you!

    Do you plan your week ahead of time? Has it been helpful? Share with us in the comment section.

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    3 Tips On Managing  Cash Flow In Your Fashion Business

    What is cash flow in business?

    The amount of cash that passes in and out of a business is known as Cash Flow. It could be from operations, investing or financing. Cash received in a business is known as inflows, while cash spent is known as outflows. 

    The effective management of your cashflow plays a major role in the success of your business. So as much as you are trying to sort out operations, employees, and marketing, you also need to spend some time understanding the concept of cash flow as well as how to make the most of it.

    Why is cash flow important for fashion businesses? 

    Having said that, you might still be wondering what does cash flow have to do with my fashion business ? After all Fashion is about dishing out good designs and getting people to buy them right?…Just saying.

    You have to realize that Fashion is like every other business, with many channels and sections You still have to divert funds into the different stages of the business such as design, sampling, fabric sourcing, marketing, salaries, etc.

    And as a start-up brand, you can only hope all these will generate enough revenue for you to plug back in against the next collection or season. If you neglect your cash flow and refuse to monitor it, you are definitely going to run out of business, no matter how creative you are.

    cash flow management in your fashion business

    So basically managing your cash flow helps you to do the following ;

    • Settle debts
    • Reinvest in your business
    • Pay expenses
    • Provide buffer against unforeseen financial challenges .E. t. c

    Have you been monitoring your cash flow? If not, then this article is exactly what you need to get started!!!

    How do you manage cash flow in a fashion startup? 


    As a start-up, you might feel there are a lot of things the business needs, and then you get carried away spending and probably not even taking time to know if you really need it. Perhaps you could have even gotten it at a better price somewhere else. You need to take your time to explore some options, you could collaborate to save costs, research the suppliers you were considering before you make any payment. Ensure you have defined your market strategy before you invest so much into marketing so you won’t be throwing away money.

    Doing research might seem like a herculean task, trust me it will pay off. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on some fancy packaging material you just saw online, and you realize that might not be appealing to your type of market. Check out this article for important costs you need to plan for in your business.



    prioritize the right things in your fashion business


    Have you ever heard of the phrase “misplaced priority”? It simply means giving attention to what is less important while ignoring the important one. So as a start-up Fashion brand, you don’t want to do this at all. At the end of your research, you should be able to understand what is important, urgent, and neither important nor urgent.

    This will help you ensure you save some money rather than spending it on something that will not yield profit.

    For instance, at the beginning of your business, you do not need to spend hundreds of thousands on a website when you could have gotten a cheaper one that you can manage effectively and then upgrade as the business grows. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying having a beautiful website is bad, but I am saying you could start with a free website, google my business, or even blogger. Then as you scale up, you can upgrade. You get my gist, right?

    And finally for today!!!


    This one is very important!! The fact that you have a large network of people around you does not necessarily mean they are your target market. If you rely on family and friends alone to buy from you, then you are not in for some business. You need to have a strategy to figure out your ideal market.

    You may be tempted to start with a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. That can make a big difference in your overall cash flow. Your inventory can be the difference between a successful launch and a flop–not to mention a number of problems with Money. 

    In conclusion, how you manage money in the early stages can set your business up for failure or give you a good foundation to build on. How else do you new fashion entrepreneurs can manage money? Share with us in the comments…

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